Animal Network of Orange County

A Fashion Island Shopping Center, 1013 Newport Center Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats.

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Areas Animal Network of Orange County Serves

Orange, Los Angeles, and San Diego Counties, California

Animal Network of Orange County's Adoption Process

Interview process, God parent required to protect all animals. Mandatory 30 min. Pet Parent Class, take your animal home the same day. Benefits: 30 day health Guarantee. 30 return policy, no refund. Spayed/neutered, microchiped, and current vaccinations, dewormed, and no fleas.
See Website for more information.

About Animal Network of Orange County

A rescue group that works though participation of current pet parent and/or caregivers to find a new loving home for the animals.

Why adopt a kitten from Community Animal Network?
All the rescue organizations rescue their kittens from the same places, but well-socialized kittens are not easy to come by. Our kittens are raised by people that have the time to handle and love them. We specialize in “pet-quality” cats and kittens. A pet-quality cat has had positive experiences with humans and has felt loved. Many of our kittens like to be carried and held and would make great family members. Kittens that have not been well-socialized or handled a lot avoid people, hide and are often described as independent and aloof.

Why do we promote our kittens in pairs?
Most often people adopt single kittens and unknowingly raise hoodlums. All young animals need a playmate. They learn social skills through play-fighting. Kittens need an “equal energy” playmate to interact with. Just like kids picking friends, they pick someone who likes to do the same things. Biting and attacking ankles may be cute when a kitten is small, but a full grown cat can bite hard. Behaviors that the public dislike are created by not making the best choice for the animals. Adopting a pair of young animals that have the same energy level that were well-socialized is the best choice.

Come Meet Animal Network of Orange County's Pets

Fashion Island Shopping Center
On Russo’s Pet Experience’s Pet Patio
Cat's In Public / Dog's Seen On-line Met By Appointment
Every Saturday And Sunday 12:00 Noon-4:00 PM RAIN OR SHINE

Animal Network of Orange County's Adopted Pets

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