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A El Cajon, CA 92021 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats.

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All area's driving distance to San Diego. If the owner is able to come and visit the dog then we are happy to adopt it to you. We do not transport pets, or put them on airplanes.

shelter dogs to dream dogs's Adoption Process

Please email me a detailed description of the life you can give to your new desired pet. Please let me know family members ( including 4 legged), house size if you have a yard and how many hours per day this dog will be left alone. When you are away, where will you leave this dog? Have you ever owned a dog before and are you open to continue training in the way that I will teach you? Are you willing to feed food with good ingredients ( no corn, wheat or by products), Are you willing to pay expensive vet bills and cancel trips if your dog gets sick in the hopeful 10 - 16 years that you will have this new family member. Basically, are you willing to treat this dog like you would a human child?
When I decide that you are the right home, and you decide this is the right dog, a meeting is scheduled for you to meet your hopeful new member. It is as important that you find the right dog as it is that the dog find the right home, so this part of the process is left to you and your new pup. I like you to come to my facility so you can see your new hopeful friend when they are relaxed and "at home". Your lifestyle is more important that the building that you live in.
This way you will see how they are when they are not feeling stressed. This ensures that you leave feeling as if you have finally found the perfect member of your family.
Please be sure to have enough time to for a visit and a small training so you know how to continue on the right path with your new pet. Please bring all family members including any other dogs with you, so everybody can meet together.
I have worked extensively with each dog and pup and so know the answers to any questions. I will stay on line with you for the life of your pet, so we are sure that you never have any unanswered issues. Remember, animals need time to settle into their new homes. Just because you have decided that you are in love with the new pet, doesn't mean that your new friend has you in his/her heart yet. Dogs are very smart and it take a strong, yet loving leader who has the time and dedication to really make a new dog feel at home.
Please be sure that you are going to commit to helping your new friend move into your new home, even if things seem rough at first. This is why I stay with you, on line, to give you the answers to your pets behavior.
When your heart tells you that it is time for you to make the adoption official, I will show you how the micro chip works, will go through the health records with you, and will ask you to fill out my adoption form. I ask for cash due to a bad situation with an unhonest person. All money received acts as a donation towards the adoption of further unwanted animals. All dogs are ready to go to their new homes at time of meeting so please bring a collar, leash and crate for the ride home.

About shelter dogs to dream dogs

I am an Animal Behavioral Specialist and Dog Trainer and rescue the badly behaved unadoptable dogs. I am a Preschool International Montessori Teacher ( took my exams in London, University), and Elementary International Montessori Teacher ( Washington DC). For the past 20 years I have studied animals and dogs and how they work together. I am originally From Ottawa, Canada and completed my animal studies in Ottawa, bringing a dog to class in each school that I worked. I have created an elementary school in Ottawa Canada, Elementary program in East L.A, plus worked extensively in each grade of Del Mar Pines in Del Mar, San Diego). I became a home school mom when my children were born, but never gave up working with the animals. I am somebody who simply wants to do my bit to help the thousands of abused or abandoned animals, so I have extended my training and knowledge from the typical household pet to the shelters. Together with my children and husband, we rescue one animal at a time. We take dogs who need education, and puppies who need hand feeding.
I have been a dog trainer for over 20 years.
4 years ago my beloved 18 year old golden/ husky died and with her, a piece of me left. I told her before she died that I would take my talents and knowledge to help dogs who don't have a hope, and humans who don't have the knowledge to help these dogs.
I now help rescue groups and shelters understand why each dog does what it does, and how they can help. I work closely with the Chula Vista Shelter taking the animals who need to come to school.

I am the only person in San Diego that the Chula Vista shelter will allow to take the bigger, hard to handle dogs who will be destroyed due to out of control behavior. I work with aggressive dogs, submissive dogs, and dogs of all shapes and sizes with all different reasons for their behavior.
These dogs come back to my home, my children, my farm animals, and my big and small dogs. They enter boot camp ( see "training" on my website ) and are not posted until they have passed the area's of respect , manners and basic obedience. Each dog learns to get along with each other, learns to be calm and quiet inside, good on the leash, and crate trained at night. These dogs help me when training my clients and many become therapy dogs simply because they have worked the Therapy dog test so many times in training clients that they pass it easily. I take each dog into public and expect the best from them.
I train each new owner to continue the work that I have started.

Why do I do this? This is my way to give back to society, and at the same time saving lives!

Come Meet shelter dogs to dream dogs's Pets

My training facility is in Blossom Valley, El Cajon, east on the 8 freeway.
When we have decided that you are the perfect home I will give you directions to my facility.

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