Pawz 4 Life Animal Rescue Inc.

A PO BOX 20134, Saginaw, MI 48602 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats.


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Areas Pawz 4 Life Animal Rescue Inc. Serves

We serve all of Michigan.

Pawz 4 Life Animal Rescue Inc.'s Adoption Process

Pawz 4 Life Animal Rescue Inc. takes there adoption process very seriously. The animals that come into our rescue come from a variety of situations and it is our responsibility to make sure these animals never return to those situations and are placed into a home that they can remain in for the rest of there days.
Our adoption process starts with filling out an adoption application. We then look it over and begin to process it. We will then contact you and schedule a time for you to meet the animal, if you have not already done so and schedule a home visit. Once we approve you, we then ask for an adoption fee and for you to sign an Adoption Contract.
Our adoption fees are:
Dogs can range from $125-$300 depending on the amount of vet care put into that animal.
Cats can range from $75-$100.
All of the vet care will be done for you, as long as the animals is of age to be done. The adoption fee that is asked then goes back into our rescue to help save another life.

About Pawz 4 Life Animal Rescue Inc.

Pawz 4 Life Animal Rescue Inc. is made up of a group of passionate, animal lovers that volunteer there time to rescue, save and rehabilitate unwanted, abused & neglected cats and dogs. We feel that it is our job to speak for these animals and get them the care and love they so desperatly deserve. Many of these animals are what we like to call as "throw a ways". Unfortunately, we live in a world where some people feel they can just throw away there animal when ever they feel its necessary. Whether its dropping it off somewhere or taking it to a local shelter. Pawz 4 Life Animal Rescue feel its up to us to help these "throw a ways" and get them into that loving forever home that they have never known and deserve.

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