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A 742 S. Edinburgh Dr, Loveland, CO 80537 rescue helping to find loving homes for Cats.

Cathy Campbell

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Male, Young
American Shorthair


Male, Young
Domestic Shorthair


Female, Young
Maine Coon


Male, Kitten
Domestic Shorthair


Male, Kitten
Domestic Shorthair


Male, Kitten
Domestic Shorthair

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Areas Duncan's Place, a cat sanctuary Serves

Northern Colorado-Larimer & Weld Counties

Duncan's Place, a cat sanctuary's Adoption Process


Duncan’s Place has implemented variable adoption fees. The adoption fee for certain animals varies and is dependent on many factors including age, size, behavior, medical condition and demand.

• All kitten and cat adoptions include FIV/FeLV/HWE testing, age appropriate vaccines, treatment for internal parasites, spay or neuter surgery, microchip and registration, and a Adult cats and kittens 4 months of age and older also receive a rabies vaccination.

• Kittens, up to six months old: $150• Cats, over 11 months to six years old: $100• Mature Cats, over six years old: $76

Special or Pure breed cats/kittens will be higher due to rarity of such cats like Polydactyl, Maine Coon, Scottish Fold, etc... Duncan’s Place, a cat sanctuary 742 S. Edinburgh Dr. Loveland, CO 80537 www.DuncansPlace.org Voicemail 970-214-2233 PRE-ADOPTIOINFORMATION REQUEST FORM Duncan’s Place, a cat sanctuary, LLC, appreciates your interest in wanting to adopt a rescue animal. However, since your decision can result in a life long commitment, please take a few minutes to complete the following questions. The answers will also allow us to more effectively match your needs and wants with those of our animal friends. If no adoption takes place at this time, the information provided will be kept on file for 30 days to allow for a possible future find from either animals entering the rescue or from animals whose owners have requested assistance in finding new homes for their pets.

PART 1: ADOPTOR’S WANTS:1) Interest in: _____Cat _____Kitten2) List Preferences: a) Breed __________________________________ b) Size/Weight __________________________________ c) Hair Length __________________________________ d) Age __________________________________ e) Other preferences (e.g. declawed): _____________________ _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________

3) Why do you want this pet? ____a) Household pet ____b) Companion to another animal ____c) Gift for someone ____d) Other

PART II: BACKGROUND INFORMATION:5) How many pets do you currently have? _____dogs _____cats6) How many people live in the household_____a) children Ages of children___________________b) Adults7) Do you _____ rent _____ own _____ live with relativeIf you rent or live with relative, are you able to provide written notice stating permission to keep animal on premise_____yes _____no

8) Have any of your previous pets been______ surrendered or given up______ lost or turned up missing______ accidentally killedPART III: PET CONSIDERATIONS: 9) Do you currently have a veterinarian? _________________________________


Since life never stays constant, and since commitment to a family pet can be 15 years or longer, please take a moment to reflect on the following. We realize that no one can predict the future and that some things cannot be avoided despite the deepest regret and hardship. However, would any of the following turn of events lead you to seriously consider surrendering the pet you are considering adopting today? Would appropriate plans be made to care for the pet in case of death or any of the following?

______ Sudden onset of allergies/illness______ Move (new apartment, across country, etc.)______ Behavioral problems (scratches furniture, litter box problems, digging, etc.)______ Marital problems/Divorce/Separation______ Marriage______ New Job/Job change/Job termination______ New Pet______ New addition to household (e.g., baby, stepchild)______ Deteriorating health or illness or age-related problems of pet______ Other:____________________________________________________________

Please sign here indicating you have read and understood PART IV. FUTURE CONSIDERATIONS.

Signature: __________________________ Date: _____________________

PART V. AGREEMENTS:a) Past or Current Veterinarian: Name: _______________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________ (City, State, Zip Code)___________________________________________ Phone #: ______________________________________________________

b) Past or Current Employer: Name: _______________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________ (City, State, Zip Code)___________________________________________ Phone #: ______________________________________________________

c) Personal reference willing to vouch for character: Name: _______________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________________ (City, State, Zip Code)___________________________________________ Phone #: _____________________________________________________4) If after adopting an animal from the Duncan’s Place, a cat sanctuary, LLC, you decide to have your phone number changed or unlisted, will you provide the shelter with the new or unlisted number, or, give the phone company permission to release the unlisted number to Duncan’s Place, a cat sanctuary, LLC for follow-up purposes?

_______ yes _______ no

5) If after adopting an animal from Duncan’s Place, a cat sanctuary, LLC, you move, are you willing to provide the rescue with your new address and/or allow the U.S. Postal Service permission to release your new address to the Duncan’s Place, a cat sanctuary, LLC for follow-up purposes?_______ yes _______ no In the event the adoption does not work out, for whatever reasons and at whatever time you must return the animal to Duncan’s Place.

*PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to complete any of the above references you will be allowed to place a HOLD on any interested pet at the rescue until such time as you are able to furnish the rescue with complete reference information. NAME: ______________________________________________ ADDRESS: ___________________________________________ (CITY, STATE, ZIP CODE) ______________________________ PHONE NO. ___________________________________________ E-MAIL: ______________________________________________ DATE: _________________________________________________ Duncan’s Place, a cat sanctuary, LLC. 614 Parkview Mountain Dr, Windsor, CO 80550 www.DuncansPlace.org Voicemail 970-214-2233

About Duncan's Place, a cat sanctuary

Duncan’s Place feels that we need to approach animal welfare issues on multiple fronts, trying to bring together community resources and provide not only animal care, but pet sterilization and public education.Who We Are: A nonprofit cat sanctuary to address northern Colorado’s domestic cat crisis that will advocate, collaborate, and educate the general public through active community engagement. To actively pursue, create, and maintain collaborative partnerships with community agencies in Northern Colorado to save feline lives. Work with local shelters, clinics, human service agencies. Especially help victims of violence have a safe haven for their felines. Whether to provide a temporary home for people in truly extraordinary circumstances or to be a permanent safe, loving home for abandoned animals, which is the purpose of Duncan’s place. To integrate knowledge of feline behavior from both a holistic and alopathic perspectives to keep families together before abandonment happens of the feline family member. Through education and compassion to work towards ending homelessness of felines in our community.

Come Meet Duncan's Place, a cat sanctuary's Pets

We operate only our of volunteer Foster Homes...we are ALWAYS needing more foster homes- please consider fostering an adult cat! *We hold quarterly LOW cost vaccine clinics *We have a pet food bank (Dudley's Delectables) which helps families in Northern CO keep food in their pet's bellies in uncertain economic times.

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