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A 8309 E 200 South, Greenfield, IN 46140 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats, birds, horses.

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Areas A HomeAway Serves

I am a small shelter/rescue,at this point backed souly by myself. I take mostly dogs in need of all kinds from all places. Being an Animal Control Officer for my county, I bring home quite a few at times to rescue and adopt out.
I also board pets and help new pet owners train their pets, this helps with funds to keep the rescue going.
I am located in a quiet country area 1/4 of a mile off the road, in hancock county and the city of Greenfield,IN.

A HomeAway's Adoption Process

All adoptions must be approved by me. All pets will be spay/neutered either before they leave the shelter or prepay to do so within a 30 time limit. Otherwise as the contract states I can reposes the animal.
You must be willing to obey your city/county ordinances and state laws. You must be willing and capable of being a responsible pet owner, vet checks, vaccinations, good food, water and proper shelter all are amust. I do not adopt dogs out to be put on a chain 24 hrs a day or in a cage, they must be a part of your family.
If you cannot keep animal you are required to return it to me.

About A HomeAway

I have been rescueing animals since I was approximately 8 yrs old, and still am.
Just recently moved to Grand Junction , Colorado where I am again in the process of stating my own private rescue again as I did in Indiana. However sadly it will be on a much smaller level. But the loving care the animals get will be the same level of my attention, care, education, health checks and concerns Infell it very important that the animals and the people who love them get all the help they can get.
I certainly do not claim to know everything but I have had many years of experience, as a vet tech, pet groomer, Animal Control Officer, some behaviorist experience and as a certified pet trainer. Animals and children have been my passion for most of my life.
Since my move to Colorado I have been volunteering for a well known dog and cat rescue here as well as a horse rescue.
I knowlonger work full time but I do babysit my beautiful grandchildren weekly and I still also have my own 4 dogs and one horse. Downsized immensely but I am older, retired and on a limited income, but not limited love! All my fur family is rescued and traveled from Indiana with me to Colorado.
Thank you for visiting my site at this time I have no adoptable animals But information/ and or help if you need it, please email me @ stellakoch46140@yahoo.com and I will help all I can.

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A Home Away - originally was at 8309 East 200 South
Greenfield, In 46140
Now in Whitewater, Colorado 81527

appointment only.

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