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A Denton, NC 27239 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats.

Michelle Greenwalt

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North Carolina

Private Label Rescue and Pet Placement's Adoption Process

Interview and Adoption Agreement Required. Adoption Fees based on expenses for the care and preparation of each individual animal for adoption, to include but not limited to: Rabies vaccine; Apropriate Animal vaccinations and Worming; Medications administered; Bathing, Ear Care and Dental Care; Microchip; Spay/Neuter, unless Waiver or Voucher is indicated; Time and Care spent at facility or foster home. For more information and current pricing, please visit my website:

About Private Label Rescue and Pet Placement

Good dogs and accidental breeding often times have a difficult time finding "Forever Homes".
I am a dog handler/trainer of 25 years experience. I've spent many hours with several breeds of dogs, getting to know each one's traits. Located in central North Carolina, I live five miles outside of a small town called Denton. I have been training in this beautiful country location for 15 years now. I have dedicated my efforts to the rescue and placement of homeless dogs and puppies, cats and kittens.

It is important to me that every animal I place has found his or her "Forever Home". To ensure that your new friend is reunited with you if he/she becomes lost or stolen, it is vital to do all you can to protect your new friend. In an effort to help you do this, I have joined with 24Pet Watch and the use of Microchip Identification. Every pet I place will have this, and I offer this service for your other pets as well.

I have been "Live Trapping", abandoned and sick animals for over 12 years. I have watched, as a van slows near my driveway - a child jumps out of the side door with a plate of food, an excited dog on his heels. As the dog begins to eat, the van drives off - the dog tries to follow and is hit by another car.
Ten minutes earlier, this was "someone's" pet.
A happy little dog, riding along in the van. A suprise treat of food is layed before him!
"Someone's" pet.
A small puppy once, with a mother who nursed the life into him, as he grew big and strong.
"Someone", adopted him.
Pledging devotion, dedication, eternal love, care, comfort.

Before adopting your pet, really give this some thought.
This is a LIFE that you are committing to.
A heartbeat.
A devoted and dedicated friend, who loves unconditionally.
Are you ready to love unconditionally in return?

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Please call for an appointment. Special events, additional services, and live time updates, can all be found on our website:

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