A 166 Station Road, Bernville, PA 19506 rescue helping to find loving homes for horses.

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Areas AC4H Serves

AC4H is located at, 166 Station Road, Bernville, Pa, 19506. Each monday we attend the New Holland Auction and begon a process that sometimes takes the remainer of the week to finish up.

First we pick out horses either bound for slaughter or auction and photograph them. We compile as much information about each individual animal and bring it back to our office.

We then reach a network of thousands of people who in turn crosspost the animals. Any given week we can adopt and rescue any number of horses donkeys mules and minis.

The horses then must be quarantined and evaluated by a vet. All medical and health problems are treated and the animals are then waiting in any number of our QT homes and await there forever homes. The horses and Mules Donkeys Drafts Pomies and so on are given lots of love and lots pf proper care.

We strive to provide them with everything they need. Many have never been stroked or given affection so we do our best to adjust them to this type of handling. They usually warm up and love it, others take a little longer.

AC4H's Adoption Process

Please visit out website and click on adoption options. We have Broker owned and horses that have cleared QT and are ready for placement.

Some have adoption fee's while others are fully bailed but may need shipping covered. Please look through the available horses, each one is clearly listed. We do get busy so email or call and ask! We would love to help you! :D

About AC4H

Another Chance 4 Horses, Inc. Rescue, Rehabilitation and Placement is a non-profit 501c(3) corporation headquartered in Pennsylvania with an international network. We have been in continuous operation for over a decade. AC4H is a volunteer based, all breed horse rescue located in a densely equine populated area. There are multiple race tracks in our tri-state area as well as many auctions that supply the foreign -owned slaughter houses that kill our American horses for human consumption abroad.

We assist horses through owner surrenders, neglect cases, local auctions outbidding kill-buyers, buying sick or injured horses and purchasing directly out of the kill pens - sometimes literally moments before they are shipped to slaughter. Literally thousands of lives have been saved but despite our efforts thousands more die...

It is only with public support that we are able to save, rehabilitate and rehome them. Please consider making a life saving donation today. The horses greatly appreciate your life saving donations -they need you. Thank you for helping them.

OUR Mission

To give equines a much needed "Another Chance". We welcome home any equines (and often other animals) that are no longer needed, wanted or useful to their owners and place them in homes where they ARE wanted, needed and useful. Most importantly, we will only place these animals in homes where they will be loved and protected.

Another Chance 4 Horses rescues horses from being auctioned for slaughter, takes custody of horses abandoned by their owners, placing the horses in foster and adoptive homes. We rehabilitate and train horses for use as companion animals, riding horses and therapy horses available to the general public. Another Chance 4 Horses offers formal programs to educate new horse owners with respect to proper care, management and training of their adopted horses. Children placed in juvenile facilities and/or sentenced to community service are given an opportunity to assist in the rescue and rehabilitation efforts of the organization, and are educated with regard to the preventing cruelty to animals and with regard to animal husbandry. Education clinics and demonstrations are presented to the general public on issues such as veterinary care, shoeing, safety, training, riding, pasture management, and neglect and cruelty to animal issues.

What We Do
We are headquartered in Pennsylvania but help horses Internationally through our network. We specialize in rescue (see What do we rescue them from?) Intensive care rehabilitation rescue and placement providing horses and often other animals with "Another Chance" at life. Please see the horses in our care AC4H Available Horses. We own a smaller parcel of land so we also rent several farms and use the assistance of foster farms for horses in our care. If you are interested in fostering please email with the subject - Foster Horses. We are looking for owner finance or donation.

We also help horses through our placement programs we do not own these horses and they are not at our facility. We list horses, owned by kill buyers and or brokers in an effort to rescue more horses by offering them additional time and a larger viewing audience. We do reserve the right to either markup or ask for a donation to cover our costs and any additional proceeds go to our local rescue efforts. We also have a consignment page for privately owned horses looking for new homes and a $0 fee page and allow the use of our forms (edited to remove our info and replaced with yours) to assist in protecting the horses.

We hold annual events to educate horse owners, travel to grade schools and participate in community service with local high schools and other groups to educate our children who are the future. It is our hope that through educating horse owners on proper care, nutrition and providing a network of resources regarding knowledge and readily available information that we can assist in solving problems that lead to the need of our services prior to it ever happening.

We also assist disabled riders through the "McLean, Lloyd Fund".

We would love to introduce you to our equine friends, please make an appointment to come visit and meet them.

Come Meet AC4H's Pets

Check out website for annual events and visit us at

166 Station Road, Bernville, Pa, 19506

Make a donation to AC4H to help homeless pets find homes