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Areas Aruba Island Puppies Serves

San Diego
The true breed of our dogs is "Arubian cunucu dog". Cunucu means countryside.
To learn more about them, go to

Aruba Island Puppies's Adoption Process

Interested parties fill out the following pre-adoption application. We then go over any questions by e-mail or phone. If everything looks good, we will find a good time for you to meet the dog. We also do a home visit and check veterinarian reference. Fees range from $150 to $300.

Aruba Island Puppy Pre-Adoption Questionaire
To be considered for adoption, you must:
• Have photo identification showing your present address.
• Be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide training, medical treatment and proper care of the pet.
• No dogs or puppies will be adopted to families with young children unless we meet the child/children to see how they interact with the pet.
• AIP representatives will call periodically about the health and well being of the animal.
• This adoption contract is non-transferable. We love our animals and they will always have a home with us. If at any time you are unable to care for him/her, s/he must come back to us.

PLEASE COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING: Date of Application:___________________

First name: ____________________ Last Name: _________________________ Age: __________
Spouse’s Name: ______________________________________________ Age: __________
Street Address: ____________________________________________________________________
City: __________________________ State: _________________ Zip: _______________
Employer: _______________________________ Occupation: _____________________________
Spouse’s Employer: _______________________ Spouse’s Occupation: ______________________
Home Phone: ____________________________ Work Phone: _____________________________
Cell Phone: ______________________________ E-mail Address: ___________________________
Name or description of dog desired: _____________________________________________________
What characteristics/personality are you looking for in a dog? _________________________________

Do you want a dog for: (check all appropriate lines)
Family Pet ________ Guard or watch dog _________ Company for other pet _________
Companion for elderly family member_________ Child’s pet ___________
Do you own your home? Y N For How Long? ___________________________
Type of home (please circle) Town home Apt. Condo House Military Housing Other
Are you planning on moving soon? ___________________
If you rent, please provide your landlord’s contact information below.

If you own a condo/town home, have you checked with your homeowner’s association regarding their pet policy? Y N
Where will this dog spend most of its time? Inside________ Outside ________
If outside, how many hours per day? _______________
Where will the dog stay during the day? ______________Where will the dog stay at night? __________
Where will the dog stay when you are away from home or on vacation? ___________________________
Do you have a yard? ____________ If you have a yard is it completely fenced? ____________________
What height and type of fencing is used? ___________________________________________________
How will you keep this dog confined? (Mark all that apply)
Chain ____ Crate ____ Garage ____ Patio ____ Leash ____ Other ______________________
Do you have a dog door? ________________________________________________________________
Where, how often and how will you exercise this dog? _________________________________________

How will you transport this dog? ________________________________________________________
Do you plan to take this dog to obedience class? If yes, what kind?
How long do you think it should take for this dog/puppy to adjust to your home? __________________
Are you familiar with the local regulations regarding licensing and leashing of your pets? ______________
Are you aware of the penalties and fines if your dog bites someone? _____________________________
What brand of dog food or other food do you plan to feed your dog? _____________________________
How much do you anticipate spending yearly for food, toys, medical care, grooming and other expenses for this pet? ___________________________________________
If the pet becomes seriously ill or injured and needs extensive veterinary care, what would you do?

What do you consider valid reasons for giving up a dog? (Check all that apply)
Moving ______ Fleas _________ Digging _____ Unable to housebreak _____
Biting ____ Having a baby ____ Lost Job ____ Not good with children ____ Moving ____
Chewing ____ Barking ____ Grew too large ____ Destructive Behavior ____
Other (please describe) _________________________________________________________________
Have you ever relinquished or given away any pets before? ____________________________________ If yes, explain to whom and why:__________________________________________________________
What would you do if the pet exhibits destructive behavior? ____________________________________
If the dog were lost, what would you do? ___________________________________________________
If you could no longer care for this pet, what would you do? ___________________________________
Have you ever raised a puppy before? Y N When ________________________________________
If applying for a puppy, how do you plan to housetrain? ______________________________________
Do you have a regular veterinarian? ______ If so, name and phone # of vet clinic ___________________
Please initial to authorize permission to request information from your veterinarian _________________
How often do you think a dog should see a vet? ______________________________________________
Are you familiar with: Parvovirus ____ Distemper ____ Rabies ____ Parasites ____ Bordatella ___
Do you know about or be willing to titer test for vaccines? _____________________________________
Do all the members of your household want a new pet? Y N If no, please explain____________
How many adults are in the household? _______ Children?________ Children’s ages:_________
Do any members of your household have allergies specific to animals? Y N
If yes, please explain: ______________________________________________
Breed/Description Age Sex Neutered? Owned for Last Date of Where Kept
(M/F) (Yes/No) # years Vet Visit

Breed/Description Neutered What happened to this pet? Age Where Kept

I certify that the above information is true and that any false information may result in denial of this application. This application is the property of Aruba Island Puppies. Aruba Island Puppies reserves the right to decline any adoption.
* If you are no longer able to care for the animal, please contact us to make arrangements. We understand friends/family may want to take in the animal when problems arise, however for the health and safety of all our animals, we must be in charge of the re-homing process.
The adoption of a lifelong animal friend should not be impulsive, but rather a carefully thought out decision which will ensure a loving, lasting relationship. Remembering you are applying for a lifetime companion, are you willing to make the investment in both time and finances (up to $1000 annually) to care for and properly manage your new pet? Y N
Would you be willing to allow a representative to make a home visit at a mutually agreed upon time?____

Signature: ____________________________________ Date: _______________
Signature: ____________________________________ Date: _______________

About Aruba Island Puppies

We rescue mainly from the Caribbean island of Aruba. The typical Arubian Cunucu Dog weighs about 40 pounds, is extremely smart, athlietic and incredibly sweet. We take mainly from the kill area. The island has very limited spay/neuter, so the main method of population control is for the government to offer free kills.

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We can arrange to meet at the beach, Fiesta Island, or your home.

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