Friendly Giants Dog Rescue

A OTTAWA, ON K0A 1V0 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs.

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Areas Friendly Giants Dog Rescue Serves

Ottawa (Eastern Ontario) , CANADA
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Friendly Giants Dog Rescue's Adoption Process

If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, please contact us, and we will email you an Adoption Application Form and adoption process form so you know what is involved, and what to expect. OR the prefered way of contact is to go to to fill in an application for one of our adoptables.

There will be an adoption contract to be signed by both parties at the finalization.

A meet-and-greet home visit will be required as part of the adoption process. Also references are required, personal and veterinarian.

Our adoption fee includes full vetting i.e. vaccines, Heart Worm testing, de-worming, flea & tick treatment and the pet is spayed/neutered before you adopt him/her.

Adopting a rescued animal is a big commitment. These dogs have already been through so much in their short lives. They deserve loving, comfortable forever homes. Therefore, the adoption process is something Friendly Giants Dog Rescue takes very seriously. We want to be sure that each dog is matched with his or her perfect family.

About Friendly Giants Dog Rescue

Friendly Giants Dog Rescue is a non-profit rescue based in Ottawa and Sarnia, Ontario that was created by a network of people that became aware of the growing need to provide a safe haven and to find loving adoptive forever homes for dogs in pounds and shelters that would otherwise be euthanized.

These dogs come in many different sizes, ages and breeds, but we tend to work with the larger or giant breeds that are harder to re-home. Some are owner-surrenders, some are seized from horrendous situations, and others come in as strays, often abused and neglected. All our rescues are fully vetted, spayed or neutered and thoroughly assessed in order to find the most suitable adoptive home possible. All our dogs are placed in foster homes as we do not operate a shelter, therefore they receive a lot of one-on-one attention and love to help them get over whatever bad experiences they may have had, to help them gain confidence, and to understand that not all humans are cruel.

All a rescue dog looks for is a warm place to sleep, food in their belly, and a kind loving family to shower them with attention. There is nothing more rewarding than looking a rescue dog in the eyes and seeing how much they appreciate a kind face, warm heart and the unconditional love they give back, no matter what circumstances they came from.

If you are looking for a four-legged friend to add to your family, please consider a rescue dog: you’ll never regret it!!!!

*Please spay and neuter your pets*
Shelters and pounds are full and euthanize perfectly adoptable pets weekly due to overpopulation. There are not enough adopters and rescues to take in all of the animals.

We also have Fostering of our dogs:

Friendly Giants Dog Rescue is always looking for RESPONSIBLE FOSTER HOMES.

Fostering a rescue dog is a very rewarding experience, but one must also realize that the dogs that we rescue may have issues. For example, the possible problems include anxiety, resource guarding, accidents in the house, and possibly no training whatsoever. Foster families may need to house train a rescued dog, correct inappropriate behaviour, or start teaching basic obedience (sit, come, and leave it).

Once a dog realizes that they are safe, that nobody is going to hurt them, and that they are going to get fed daily and given love and attention, most of their issues are easily dealt with. We provide full support for all of our foster families for any and all issues. We try our best to place each dog in a foster home that can deal with whatever problems the dog may have.

Rescue dogs can be with their families anywhere from 2 weeks to sometimes 6 months or longer, (6 months is very rare, usually its a couple of months at max) depending on their requirements before finding forever homes. Our foster homes must be prepared to make that commitment as moving a dog from home to home just makes the whole rehabilitation process longer. We provide veterinary care, food, collars (with dog tag) , leashes, a crate (if necessary, IF we have an extra one handy).

If foster home can provide some of these things, it allows us to use the funds to rescue more dogs in need.

If you think you can provide a rescued dog with a loving environment until they find a forever home, or would like more information, please contact us and will will forward you a foster application.

Come Meet Friendly Giants Dog Rescue's Pets

You can meet our dogs by appointment only, as they are at foster homes, around our serving area.

Generally we will bring the pet to you, to visit with, as this also serves as a home visit if the adoption process is to move forward.

First of all you fill out an adoption form to start the process, if approved, then there will be a meet and greet arranged.