Coles County Animal Shelter

A 6818 North County Road 1120 East., Charleston, IL 61938 shelter helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats, small animals, farm-type animals.

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Areas Coles County Animal Shelter Serves

Coles County in East Central Illinois.

Coles County Animal Shelter's Adoption Process

*Pre-adoption Services
All dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens adopted for County Animal Rescue & Education are microchipped prior to adoption. This service is included in the adoption fee.

*Dogs and Puppies
If the dog or puppy is not "fixed", we transport the animal to a Coles County veterinarian, the dog is then "fixed" and the new owner pays for the procedure.

All dogs and puppies are given DHLPPCV vaccinations, Bordetella vaccinations, and tested for heartworms.

*Cats and Kittens
All cats and kittens are spayed or neutered prior to application for adoption. The cost of the procedure is included with the adoption fee.

All cats and kittens are given the FVRCP vaccination and tested for FIV and FELV.

*Terms of Adoption
The are several conditions and provisions that a prospective owner must agree to follow prior to adopting. These include conditions for the housing and care of the adopted animal. For example, keeping all cats indoors as companion animals.

If for whatever reason the new pet just does not work out, adopters are asked to return the animal to the shelter. We cannot however refund the adoption fee.

*Adoption Fees
Dogs and Puppies
The adoption fee for dogs and puppies is $41.00. This fee includes mentioned microchipping and vaccinations.

*Cats and Kittens
The adoption fee for cats and kittens under five years of age is $41.00 and cats five years of age or older are $15.00. Microchipping, spay or neuter, and vaccinations are included in the adoption fee.

(Please call OR come visit us. We always have many more pets then what's online.)

About Coles County Animal Shelter

County Animal Rescue & Education is a small not-for-profit county rabies control center and animal shelter that services Coles County in East Central Illinois.

(I truely wish we had the ability to be a no kill shelter but since we are animal control we have limited space. We have to hold all stray dogs that come into the shelter for 7 days to give their owners a chance to claim them then they go up for adoption. Since cats multiply twice as quickly as dogs we can only hold about 80 in our facility. dogs we have 32 runs avaliable. So when we are out of space we turn to rescue groups and have a few foster famlies but their space is limited too. It is something that we do as last resort but it does happen. Reality is as of today since Jan1,2010 we have had over 300 animals come through the shelter. A lot of people don't understand how many animals we see and how cruel some people are to their pets. That is why we push for spay and neutering so much because we typically get the puppies or the adults when they are not cute and playful anymore.I could actually go on for hours about why some people have to reliquish their pets. The thing for no kill shleters which are few have to choice weither to accept the animal or not. We do not we take in all of Coles county's animals we never turn one away. We try our best everyday to find these animals a for ever home.)

Monday - Friday Saturday Sunday
8:00 AM 8:00 AM Closed
3:30 PM 1:00 PM

To visit C.A.R.E, take exit 190A off of I57 and drive east towards Charleston.We are located on the Loxa road (the first road after the airport). You will see our sign directing you to turn right(south) on Loxa Road. Follow it to the shelter.

Please call: (217) 345-4112 or fax: (217) 345-5172 if for additional direction or information.

Come Meet Coles County Animal Shelter's Pets

If anyone would like to volunter their time and take pics of the dogs that are up for adoption at the shelter please let me know. it is hard to get it done with so much going on and I think it would really help getting the word out more and people seeing the animals. 217-345-4112

Lost dog -2 miles north of Ashmore, on Oakland Ashmore road- female, brindle, pug mix, 3 legs. Please call 217-259-8509.

*ATTENTION* We are in need of a full time employee, Must have valid DL and be atleast 18 years of age. PLease apply in person at the COLES COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER at 6818 Nth Co. rd 1120 East Charleston, IL.
Would like to Thnak the Charleston Fire Department for helping rescue this dog today......
June 20 at 7:00pm
Yes we know who the owner is they are very grateful thier dog is safe and sound :)

Adoptions have been going great!!!!!! I am in need of more pictures taken have ABOUT 15 NEW DOGS that I have not been able to get on line yet If anyone interested please let me know. :)


NAME: Lovey

Pit Bull Terrier, Labrador Retriever [Mix]
Large Baby Female Dog

My name is Lovey. My brother Jackson and I are here at the shelter and have been for a long time. We really need homes. All of our brothers and sisters found their homes. Maybe we can too! .Lovey is up-to-date with routine shots.

Picture link on petfinder


Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler, Corgi [Mix]
Medium Baby Female Dog
Hey Hey Hey! My name is Lilly! I am smart and a quick learner. I would make a great herding dog for someone! I am a little shy at first, but once I take to you, I love you forever! Come and see me. My littermates are gone and I am all alone! .Lilly is up-to-date with routine shots


Woof, woof! Hi people! I'm a Great Dane/Shep Mix. I'm about 6 months old and I love kids. I'm still growing & going to be a big, strong boy! Come see me today! Will you be my forever family? Been here for a while.


RENO, here for 7+weeks!
He's actually on the small side!
I would love to be in a home that likes to snuggle and also loves to play and take lots of walks. I will be easily housebroken because I am a smarty pants! My ears are not cropped! Will you be my new family? Come visit me & take me outside. I really like treats and I love to play!

AND FINALLY...... This energetic fella is about 7 months old. He's a Lab mix and has already been neutered. He sits pretty & will give you lots of puppy kisses. Come see him today!
The shelter is open M-F 8-3:30 and Sat 8-1.



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