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A Ypsilanti, MI 48197 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats, small animals.

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Areas Pet Angels For Life Volunteers Serves

Pet Angels For Life is happy to serve most of Southeast Michigan with a concentration around Oakland, Washtenaw and Macomb counties. We also regularly extend ourselves down into parts of Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

Pet Angels For Life Volunteers's Adoption Process

Our adoption fees often vary by the animal so please feel free to contact us if a fee is not posted. And please know that as our ultimate goal is to place our critters in appropriate, life-long and loving homes our fees are very often negotiable in certain circumstances.

We warmly welcome all contact from families who are interested in our animals and try to respond to e-mails and phone messages the very same day that they are received. We are striving to make customer service our passion for both the people we come into contact with as well as the pets in need.

Our adoption proces is a simple one which is carefully designed to try and ensure that we connect our available pets with the most appropriate homes for them.

Our first step in the process is usually the completion of a relatively detailed questionnaire which serves to give us a quick 'snapshot' of our prospective adopters and the sort of companion they are seeking.

Once this information has been received, we then will call the family to arrange for a meeting between them and the pet they are interested in. (Depending on the animal(s) involved this could take place either in the foster home, at the potential new home or in an appropriately neutral 'third' location.)

Once the family has met the pet and if they continue to be interested in adoping him or her we will then perform an informal home visit (if we haven't already done so) in which we like to try and get a sense of where the animal will be living. It is during this time that we ask all family members to be present so that we may observe any and all interactions between the newcomer and the household. (Please note: home visits may or may not include the animal in question depending on the individual situation.)

It is also during this time that we often ask (and warmly invite!) any additional questions petaining to the adoption. We also collect references at this time (2 or 3 personal ones and -if applicable- a vet reference as well).

After this meeting, all information will be presented to our Director, Terri Dorris, who has the right of final approval for most of our adoptions.

(Families may also always feel free to contact Terri directly at 217-722-8642).

When approval has been given, we will then discuss whether the family would then prefer to officially adopt the pet into their own family or whether they would rather have the pet in their home on a trial basis. Either one of these is fine and it will likely be up to the family do decide which plan is the most appropriate for them.

Please Note: Both of these decisions will involve the signing of legally binding contracts although adoption fees will not initially be collected in the case of a Trial Adoption. The agreed upon adoption fee will be collected in the event that the family decides to keep the pet and ultimately completes the Official Adoption Contract.

About Pet Angels For Life Volunteers

Pet Angels For Life Volunteers is a very small Rescue Group that is both run and supported by folks who are passionate about saving the lives of animals who have otherwise been 'thrown out'.

Although we do have the occasional goofball puppy or kitten available for adoption, please know that most of our 'kids' are puppy mill/high kill shelter rescues and/or ferals and strays coming in right off the street. But we do also take in an occasional owner-turn-in when it is in the best interest of the animal.

As such, many (but not all) of our pets come to us bearing both physical and mental scars from their former lives. Some of these, as you can imagine, can be very extreme. But we do our very best to work with each animal individually in order to help them begin the healing process. This usually involves providing grooming, vetting, training and, most importantly, enormous amounts of both love and patience.

Our animals are housed in our homes and made to feel as though they are part of our family until they become adopted. And, for many, this is truly a novel experience. But it is made even more special when that ideal home is found and an otherwise discarded critter becomes a family's most devoted and lifelong companion.

Come Meet Pet Angels For Life Volunteers's Pets

We do not presently have any events scheduled but please check back as things change frequently.

But, if you are interested in any of our pets, please do feel free to call or e-mail for more information.

Pet Angels For Life Volunteers's Adopted Pets

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