City of Gurdon Animal Shelter

A 103 Maple, Gurdon, AR 71743 shelter helping to find loving homes for dogs, farm-type animals.

Ty Oppelt

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Areas City of Gurdon Animal Shelter Serves

We are a municipal animal shelter primarily handling dogs, (with the occasional farm animal) We are located at the intersection of Haynie and Fallin roads in Gurdon, Arkansas, and we primarily serve the city of Gurdon. We have had adoptions all over the USA, however, so don't count us out if you see a dog at our shelter and think it is too far away. I have adopted dogs from here living in fur-ever homes in: New York, Rhode Island, Wyoming, Texas, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana, and of course all over Arkansas.

City of Gurdon Animal Shelter's Adoption Process

Generally, our adoption fees start at 25.00 OR the vet bill, if there is one. Our vet is reasonable so the adoption fees are relatively low. If there is no vetting into the dog it would just be 25.00. You are always welcome to donate more than this, and we can always use it, but those are our minimums. All dogs are wormed monthly, puppies are given shots and wormed then quarantined for 10 days before being available for adoption. All adult dogs are also given a monthly dose of liquid ivermectin to keep them from getting heart worm and to help with those who may already have it. We have a form you fill out when you adopt a dog, you pay the adoption fee, then take your new buddy home with you. Very simple. There is the occasional adoption that may go through a rescue, and those adoptions go by their rules.

About City of Gurdon Animal Shelter

Our shelter is here mainly for housing stray dogs. A few years ago this was a 'catch them and kill them' shelter where almost every dog that was here was euthanized...weekly. In the last 3 years that I have been here, the focus has been changed from euthanasia to adopting. Sites like this and petfinder, not to mention Facebook have been hugely helpful in helping make that happen. While we ARE a 'kill shelter'. (I hate that phrase!), we are, in reality now a VERY LOW kill shelter. Please take the time to contact me and come visit...we have exceptional dogs and I take the time to learn as much as I can about them so I can find the perfect home for them.

Come Meet City of Gurdon Animal Shelter's Pets

Our shelter is located in Gurdon Arkansas. It has no actual street address, however it is at the intersection of Haynie and Fallin roads. Take Highway 67 south, (heading out of town), make a left on Haynie Rd and follow it around the curve to the stop sign. At that point you are looking at a fenced in area...the shelter is in the back, on the right, behind the cell tower. Please call first as the shelter is locked up unless I am there. I can be reached at: 870-406-0273 24/7, and will accommodate to your schedule. I have adopted a dog out at 2:00am before! It is all about THEM..