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A Springfield, MO 65802 rescue helping to find loving homes for birds.

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Areas A Parrot's Perch Rescue and Sanctuary Serves

We serve the following areas: Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

A Parrot's Perch Rescue and Sanctuary's Adoption Process

After you submit your information to be considered for adoption it will be sent to our rescue director. After being carefully read, if approved, someone will call you to conduct a phone interview. The phone interview will last anywhere from 30 minutes and up.

Should the interview go well then the next step is meeting the parrot you are interested in. You should expect to spend atleast an hour with the parrot per visit and the number of visits required will be determined by the adoptions coordinator. This part is to help you get to know the parrot and ensure that there is a connection. Our volunteers have spent several hours each day working these parrots, but sometimes it's just not a match.

The next step in the adoption process is a home check. The home check ensures that the parrot would be living in a safe and clean enviroment. It also lets us see the intended cage, toys, perches, and food. All must meet our criteria for adoption.

Finally if all goes well you are allowed to adopt. The adoption fee is paid in full, however full ownership rights are not given to you until the 90 review is conducted.

During the 90 day review the rescue reserves the right to set up times to check on the parrot. This can also be a help the the adopter. If you have questions or need help with your parrot these visits are the perfect time.

At the 90 day review the rescue director is looking to see if the care of the bird has been maintained. We also are making sure that everyone, including the parrot, is still happy. Should the rescue find that one of the criteria in the contract has not been maintained (examples are poor diet, no toys, too small cage, etc.) then the parrot will be immediatly brought back into the rescue. The adoption fee will NOT be refunded.

Please understand that this whole process and our criteria are set in place to ensure the safety and happiness of the parrots. Many of these birds have come from poor homes, and many have been abused because of this we want to ensure that their final home is a superior one.

During the adoption process and for the parrot's entire life we are available to help you. Parrot ownership is difficult and sometimes you have questions. We promise to always keep contact with adopters.

About A Parrot's Perch Rescue and Sanctuary

We accept all species of parrots with the intention to rehabilitate and find permanent homes for them. We provide veterinary care for all of our parrots, as well as a diverse diet and stimulating atmosphere. For those parrots that cannot be adopted out we act as a sanctuary, providing them permanent residence with us. All parrots are kept in foster homes, allowing them to get personnel attention. Owners that can no longer care for their parrots can relinquish ownership to A Parrot's Perch.

We hope to help educate the community about the large undertaking that comes with owning a parrot. If you have questions regarding behavior, nutrition, or general parrot care feel free to contact us.

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