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A Fayetteville, NC 28304 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats.

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Female, Adult
Domestic Shorthair


Female, Adult


Male, Adult
Domestic Shorthair

Momma Cat

Female, Adult
Domestic Shorthair


Female, Kitten, Bonded Pair
Domestic Shorthair

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Areas Thundering Paws Pet Adoption Center, Inc. Serves

Robeson and Cumberland counties in North Carolina.

Thundering Paws Pet Adoption Center, Inc.'s Adoption Process

We have an adoption contract. The adopter provides contact info including name, address, telephone numbers, including work number, email address, if they rent, the name of their landlord and the name of their vet and clinic. The adopter agrees to take the animal they adopt from us to the vet every year for their annual shots. Also the adopting family or person is required to agree to spay/neuter the pet by the age of six months. If the animal they are adopting is currently under the age of six months, we provide a date for the procedure according to the animal's birth date at the time of adoption. We do a follow-up and provide access to low cost spay and neuter and provide transportation for the pet adopted from us, to the spay and neuter clinic. If the pet they are adopting is over the age of six months, the animal has already been altered and fully vetted with shots and dewormed, etc. We require the new pet owner to get the adopted dog a yearly heartworm test, keep the dog on monthly heartworm protection, as well as the shots and monthly flea medication. We require that new cat owners get the kitten they adopt from us a feline Leukemia test and Aides test done if they adopt a kitten from us under the age of 9 weeks. We require the new cat owner to agree to getting the kitten shots as well as yearly vaccines including the feline leukemia shot as well as keeping the cat or kitten on monthly flea protection. If the cat is over the age of six months, then we have taken care of the deworming, vaccinations, spay/neuter, and feline leukemia/kitty aids test. We require the new owner to allow us to come to visit their home within the first 30 days to see how the animal is doing since placement. We have them agree to return the animal to our organization if this adoption proves not to be a good match for their family or lifestyle at any time. We give them telephone numbers they can contact us anytime, 24 hours a day for advice and help.

About Thundering Paws Pet Adoption Center, Inc.

In July of 2000 Rob and Katherine Gable moved to Parkton, North Carolina and were told by the seller of the property where they now reside that the thing we would like least about our new home would be the large number of cats and dogs abandoned in our area. She was right. From the very beginning dogs and cats have been abandoned. Rob and Katherine have taken pity on them and have been rescuing them ever since. From time to time they have received donations from people that wanted to help. However, mostly they have funded the rescues privately. Animals that were old enough were spayed/neutered and given immunizations. Animals were taken care of and gotten back to a healthy weight if malnourished. Animals were de-wormed, treated for skin problems, etc.

In 2007 Rob and Katherine applied for nonprofit status as Thundering Paws Pet Adoption Center, Inc. They obtained an employer identification number for tax purposes, incorporated with the North Carolina Department and were granted nonprofit status by the Internal Revenue Service under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The organization's purpose is to prevent the cruelty of animals through the rescue, care for and placement of rescued dogs and cats and to provide education on the care of dogs and cats.

Rescue operations are limited based upon the space available at any given time. In addition to keeping animals at the Gable's home, Thundering Paws utilizes volunteer foster families where dogs and cats are taken care of until being placed. Thundering Paws also assists people that contact them concerning stray animals or animals they can no longer care for. Help is given by assisting them in preparing and distributing posters, placing on-line postings and screening phone calls if they so desire.

Thundering Paws hopes to educate more people about the benefits of spaying and neutering their dogs and cats and about the basic care their pets require.

We are dedicated to the Prevention of Cruelty to animals through the rescue, care for and placement of rescued dogs and cats and to provide education on the care of dogs and cats.

Come Meet Thundering Paws Pet Adoption Center, Inc.'s Pets

We have pet adoption clinics from 11 am to 3 pm at different pet stores in Cumberland county. Our events are listed on our website and the location of the events change monthly. Each event lists the time, location and name of the store where the event will be held. Upcoming events can be viewed at

Thundering Paws Pet Adoption Center, Inc.'s Adopted Pets

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