All Animal Florida Rescue

A Lakeland, FL 33801 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats, rabbits, small animals, reptiles, amphibians, and/or fish.

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Areas All Animal Florida Rescue Serves

We serve all of Polk County, and most of Florida.

All Animal Florida Rescue's Adoption Process

We require an application filled out for any pet. We check vet references, do criminal record checks, and Facebook checks. We do not do home visits, as it does not matter the size of the animal, as long as you have the time to take the animal out for walks, and have adequate human interaction. Contract signing saying we have to give 24 hour notice before coming to see the place if we decide to, along with basic adoption saying you will love the pet, give it a home, and meet the needs of the animal for the rest of its life, and if you do not we will confiscate that said animal, or you have an option to surrender it back with no fee.

Adoption Fees are:
(there are in between because it depends on the age- the longer it has been here the more money and time we have taken from our funds)
Dogs $85-$125
Cats $15.00-$85
Rabbits $10-$25
Exotics $25

About All Animal Florida Rescue

Our goal is to help every animal we receive and find it a better home than the home it was in. We run solely on donations and anything we sell through our online store. We do believe in spay & neuter, and we don't believe in animal mutilation (tail docking, ear cropping, declaw, and etc) We also do not believe in animals being caged more than necessary. This means after quarantine and treatment, they get play time, and supervised out of cage time (small animals & exotics), and bigger animals get daily walks and play time. Cages are meant for a "safe place", for the animal to retreat to for sleep, and when scared. A caged animal turns into a wild animal, and can often lead to worse psychological conditions than when it was brought to us. We usually always have animals that are ready for adoption, or they will be up for adoption soon.Here, we train them to get along with every single one of our other animals (domestics and exotics) as well as other humans. This is to insure you that the animal is safe, and we never know what kind of creatures you will bring in to your house along the way!

Come Meet All Animal Florida Rescue's Pets

10am-5pm Mon-Sat Appointment only unless we are hosting an adoption event.

All Animal Florida Rescue's Adopted Pets

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