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Areas NMDOG Serves

We serve all of New Mexico! Wherever in the state there are dogs in need we will go.

NMDOG's Adoption Process

Our adoption process is structured with the goal of making the BEST match possible for the adopted dog, the adoptive family & any resident pets currently in the home, & there is a reason for each step of the process. The majority of our dogs come from unspeakable situations, they have suffered enough neglect, abuse & abandonment for a lifetime. It amazes me with each new dog that enters our program, their capacity for forgiveness, resilience & unconditional LOVE. It also amazes me how, after often living in such horrible conditions, that they so easily adapt to becoming a beloved & well behaved family member!! It is our duty, our responsibility to each of them, to put forth our very best efforts in ensuring THIS is the last stop on their journey HOME! Each adoption inquiry begins with the completion of a NMDOG adoption application. (which can be found on the FORMS page of the website, or acquired by sending an email of interest to adopt@nmdog.org) Once the application has been received by a NMDOG TEAM member & reviewed, you will be contacted to answer any further questions & to arrange a meet & greet in your home. When we arrive at your home for the meet & greet, we will also take this opportunity to look around to ensure it is a safe & secure environment for our dog. We will address any concerns we may have that could pose a potential danger to a dog. During the meet & greet is also the time we do introductions of the NMDOG dog & any resident pets. These introductions are done by trained & skilled NMDOG TEAM members in a controlled & safe manner. If there appears to be any indication, at any time during the intro, that anyone could potentially be harmed, the introduction is concluded. If the meet & greet step of the adoption process goes well & everyone has agreed on pursuing the adoption, we will leave the NMDOG dog in your care for a one week mandatory trial period. This is yet another step to ensure we have made the best match possible for our dog & the adopting family. Our dog is left with all they will need for the trial period, including food, bowls, toys, collar with tags, a leash, blankets or a bed & a crate. While in your care during the trial period, we expect you to follow certain rules for safety. These are explained in detail in the trial adoption agreement. Sometimes, there is a case when a dog might need a little more than one week to truly "settle in". Because of this, we consider the needs of each dog on a case by case basis & may want to extend the trial period. If, at any time during the mandatory trial period, should a problem arise, & the trial need to be terminated, NMDOG will make arrangements to pick up our dog immediately. Once a NMDOG dog has been left in your care, you are considered a member of the NMDOG family & we are only a phone call away to provide support & answer any questions you may have. If, after the trial period is completed, everyone has agreed that this is indeed the best match for everyone, we will return to finalize the adoption, take a HAPPY TAIL photo & collect the adoption fee.


NMDOG is a federal 501(c)3 non profit organization & a NM registered charity. All donations are tax deductible. We are able to do the LIFESAVING work we do only because of the generosity of our supporters, donors & volunteers. NMDDB is an ALL volunteer organization, which means that 100% of your donation goes directly to the care of the dogs in our program & in our communities. Please visit our website to see the difference we are making in the lives of DOGS on a state level and beyond...

Our priority is chained/penned dogs, but when possible, we will extend our New Mexico outreach to include the many other desperate situations dogs find themselves in through no fault of their own. WE ARE THEIR VOICE…sometimes we are their ONLY voice!!

Our focus is on education, community outreach, rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and networking…all for the LOVE of DOG! We do not currently have a shelter facility, so we absolutely depend on the kindness of those in the community that wish to help by providing a safe, loving foster home for the dogs in our program until their forever home is found.

Come Meet NMDOG's Pets

Send an mail to adopt@nmdog.org to express interest in a dog. We will contact you from the email and arrange to bring the dog to you for a meet and greet. We are an all foster home rescue so we bring our dogs to you.

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