Pack N Pounce

A 333 2nd St #8, Ogden, UT 84404 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats, rabbits, small animals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and/or fish.


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Female, Young


Male, Young
American Shorthair


Male, Adult
Australian Shepherd / Border Collie


Female, Adult
Labrador Retriever


Male, Young


Male, Adult


Male, Kitten


Female, Kitten


Female, Adult
Guinea Pig


Male, Adult
Russian Blue


Male, Young
Golden Retriever


Male, Kitten

Little bit

Male, Kitten
American Shorthair


Female, Adult
Bull Terrier


Male, Puppy
Border Collie


Male, Adult
Guinea Pig


Male, Adult
Great Dane


Male, Adult
Border Collie

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Areas Pack N Pounce Serves

Pack N Pounce animal rescue established in 2008 in Ogden, Utah.
We adopt to loving families all over the US and Canada. We adopt different types of compaion animals. Donations help us save pets in need of surgery, have Infections, broken bones, need object removal, like stones or toys, dentals and more. Our rescue has taken in and adopted thousands of animals. Our goal helping shelters be no kill. By takin in hundreds of animals each year from pets owners saves our shelters and tax payers thousands of dollars per pet. Our adoptable pets all get age and breed appropriate medical care. We are a non-kill rescue not a sanctuary so every pet we take in gets adopted to a loving home. Please consider donationg today.

Pack N Pounce's Adoption Process

1. Meet the Pet

2. Sign Adoption Contract

3. Pay Fee

4. Take the Pet Home

We do our best to match each pets personality with a new family, to ensure that our rescue animals go to a forever home.

When you adopt you agree to take on the responsibility of your pet for it's life time. Providing medical care, love, shelter, food and water, etc. We believe that animals need a forever home, and don't take well to constant abandonment. So our goal is to find the home that is going to be best fit for the animal and family.

Adoption fees very. Each animal is priced differently depending on each animals circumstance. Veterinarian medical fees, basic housing, food, toys, bedding ect.

About Pack N Pounce

Pack n Pounce is a rescue with big goals. We take in shelter pets and local pets that need a second chance. Our rescued animals are fostered in loving homes rather than in shelter like conditions. This way we can get to know each one on an individual basis and be able to evaluate the best type of owner for each animal.
Our Goals
Stop the euthanasia of unwanted animals.
Educate the public of the importance of training, neutering, vaccinations, proper housing, dental, and medical care so pets can live a long and healthy life.
Convert all Utah shelters to No Kill by reducing the number of unwanted animals.
Rescue: re-home adoptable pets.

Come Meet Pack N Pounce's Pets

Our adoptions are held on Fridays and Saturdays, times vary. We hold adoptions by appointment, at Petco and other venues in Utah at special events, You can meet our rescue pets by appointment 7 days a week. Text us.

Pack N Pounce's Adopted Pets

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Make a donation to Pack N Pounce to help homeless pets find homes