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A Poteet, TX 78065 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs, cats.


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Areas Tri-City Animal Sanctuary Serves

We serve Atascosa and surrounding counties. We are not a open admissions rescue and we will never euthanize to make room. The majority of our dogs are over 50lbs and are considered seniors. Our oldest dog is 17. We have dogs that are blind, amputees, and seniors. We don't publish our address due to getting dumped on.

Tri-City Animal Sanctuary's Adoption Process

1. Submit Application

2. Approve Application

3. Meet the Pet

4. Visit the Facility and Find a Pet

If you see a dog your interested in the first process is to email us. Then we will send a adoption application. Once we receive the adoption application back we will call your references and once the application is approved we will call you to make a time for you to come out. We do the process this way due to the fact the sanctuary is run on private residential property and we live here. We also conduct home visits.
When you come out for the first time to meet the dogs it is a meet and greet day.We then will bring the potentional dog your adopting out to your house to check out your yard and also to see if your dogs(if you already have some) get along with the dog your thinking about adopting. We are sorry if some think this is a long process but alot of our dogs were abused and we have spent alot of time with our dogs and we want what is best for them.

About Tri-City Animal Sanctuary

Tri-City Animal Sanctuary was started in 2005 by Vickie Eckert and Lawrence Patrick. Lawrence and Vickie purchased five acres in 2005. Our kennels are not the average kennels because we are a sanctuary we want our dogs to feel they have a yard to run and play. Our smallest kennel is 50x30 and our largest kennel is 100x100. Since 2005 we have in years taken in over 2000 dogs /cats.The first years were hectic for the Sanctuary due to many obsticles that happened. Lawrence was in a bad car accident that broke his back in September 2005. During that time we thought about stopping the sanctuary but we kept going cause we knew our purpose in life was to help "God's creatures." It was also during this time the scandal in Jourdanton Texas was taking place where a public works supervisor gave order to drown the pounds dogs in the water sewer plant. Many meetings and news media were in Jourdanton, Texas during this time. Vickie didn't back down and made her presence known at those meetings.
In 2007 Vickie was diagnosed with Cancer once again the thought was to stop the Sanctuary but we didn't. Vickie had surgery in May 2007 to remove the cancer. She didn't need chemotherapy or radiation due to the tumor being found 2 mm in size. Lawrence and Vickie have been through trials and money issues through out this all but we continue to do what we believe. We currently have 80 dogs and 19 cats. Out of the 98 dogs we have 61 dogs over the age of 8 with the oldest being 17. We are continuously needing support. In the past if we took in a litter of puppies or kittens we would spay the momma for free. We did this out of or pockets. Because we a rural shelter the donations are very limited plus you have to deal with a mentality of "It's just a dog".
We are now concentrating on a spay/neuter program for our county.

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