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A Wooster, OH 44691 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs.

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Areas Star-Mar Rescue Serves

Star-Mar Rescue prefers to adopt within a two hour drive from where the dogs is being fostered so that we can do our own home visit and bring the dog with us. You can find this information in the dog's profile. When the adoption is completed, at the foster home, the dog is leaving with people they already know and going someplace they have already been. That is what is best for the dog. We never transport dogs.

Star-Mar Rescue's Adoption Process

If you have taken the time to consider adding a dog to your family we would like you to know that we have the advantage of being able to expose our dogs to many different situations; children, strangers, other dogs, cats and livestock. We are confident that Star-Mar is able to give the potential adopters broad information on each dog so that a good choice can be made. We only adopt dogs to homes with fenced yard or fenced areas that lead directly into the house. All dogs and puppies leave spayed or neutered (regardless of age), are heart worm negative, have a negative fecal and have all their shots - or adequate blood titers- including a current rabies. Puppy mill dogs will have a negative Brucellosis test. The adoption fee from Star-Mar Rescue is $275. You must come to the foster home to meet the dog and we do home visits prior to adoption. All other dogs and outside cats in your household must have a current rabies as required by law or a rabies blood titter. No other vaccinations are required. Resident dogs do not have to be on commercial heartworm preventative but must have annual heartworm checks done and ALL dogs and cats must be spayed/neutered regardless of age! All adopters must come to the foster home to complete the adoption. We never transport. Please e-mail for an application.

PLEASE take into consideration that you are adopting an adult dog that will need time and guidance to learn the routines in your home, to feel safe and connected. TIME is important and adopters must be willing to allow the dog that time; not a few days, or even a few weeks. Adopting an adult dog means that you're adopting a dog with a history; one we, as a rescue, might not have much or any information about. If you cannot commit to helping your new dog adjust, if you are not willing to possibly have some accidents in the house, to have to work on some adjustment issues, then please do not apply for our dogs.

We keep our dog in rescue for an average of 5 months. We never adopt a dog before being in rescue for a minimum of 1 month and have had foster dogs in our homes for more than a year. We share with potential adopters everything that we know and have experienced with the dog. Few dogs are perfect. Commitment comes hand in hand with adopting a rescue dog. If you can't commit please don't adopt.... These dogs deserve a forever home not one that will bounce them back. Please consider your needs, wants and limitations before involving a dog's life in your decision. With our home visit and non rush adoption process this should give everyone the time necessary to make a good decision. We thank you ahead of time for your consideration.

About Star-Mar Rescue

Star-Mar Rescue is a member of Rescue Alliance of Hairless and Other Breeds, Inc. ( a 501-C-3, non profit organization. Star-Mar Rescue is run by Martha Leary, assisted by dedicated foster providers, friends and family and is located on 26 rural acres in beautiful Wayne County Ohio. Aside from placing our own dogs, Star-Mar helps to place hundreds of dogs every year into other rescues by assisting in pulling dogs from shelters and from commercial breeding kennels/puppy mills. We take dogs into our program from shelters/pounds/humane societies, surrendered by owners and from commercial breeders. Star-Mar never pays an individual or breeder for a dog and never buys dogs off of Craigslist. All of our dogs are living in foster homes, fed a species appropriate raw diet and are on our Natural Care Program of no chemical flea preventative, titer testing in lieu of random vaccinations.

Come Meet Star-Mar Rescue's Pets

Star-Mar Rescue is in rural Wayne County, Wooster, Ohio. We also have foster homes all over Northeastern Ohio.

All of our dogs are in foster home and there must be an approved application to visit. Please call Martha at 330.262.0515 or 330-466-3667.

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Star-Mar Rescue's Adopted Pets

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Star-Mar Rescue is a member of Rescue Alliance of Hairless and Other Breeds, Inc. ( a 501-C-3, non profit organization.