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A Savannah, TN 38372 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs.

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Areas HARTT - Hardin Animal Relocation and Transition Team Serves

We take in animals (dogs and sometimes cats) in western Tennessee who are in need of a loving foster home, vetting services, and placement in a loving forever home.

We pull dogs out of shelters, take in stray dogs and puppies, take selected owner surrenders, help other rescue groups to place their animals, and, finally, transport animals to meet airplanes, busses, trains or animal transportation services to get them to their new homes. We service northern Mississippi, Northern Alabama and 5 counties in west Tennessee.

However, we place our animals all over the USA - including Alaska, Maine, Washington State, and the eastern seaboard! Yes, we can help you find a transport to your location!

HARTT - Hardin Animal Relocation and Transition Team's Adoption Process

Step 1:
Please email us directly for an application (we are working on having one available online). We require that you provide all information on this form including a vet reference, personal reference, and some information on how this new dog will live in your home.

Step 2:
After we receive your completed application, you may contact us via phone to ask additional questions or get more information on the dog/puppy you want to adopt.

Step 3: We will contact all of your references (including a call to confirm your ability to have a dog of this breed or size if you are a renter).

Step 4: We will make a decision based on all available information and contacts as to the best placement for the animal. We receive many applications for the same animal and we have the task to make that determination - it is difficult, but we feel the animals are worth the task!

Step 5: We will work with you to determine a date for you to pick-up your new family member or help you find a transporter to deliver your new family member to you if you live out of area. We send dogs and cats out on transport on a weekly basis to places all along the east coast, Midwestern USA and even fly them out to the west coast - at your additional cost.

About HARTT - Hardin Animal Relocation and Transition Team

We are a small group of just three animal lovers (and our faithful husbands) who started out by helping place dogs in need from our local shelter for the shelter staff. Doing this, we found that the shelter could not place all of their dogs and got full fast so we started helping take care of the ones that the shelter did not have room to house by fostering then placing them into other rescues or new homes. We are now a 501(c)(3) non-profit and working completely out of our own homes fostering animals, mending those who have medical or emotional needs, and finding great homes for them when they are adoptable. We may not be able to help all of the animals in our area, but we do the best possible by the ones that we do take into our rescue.

We are committed to taking unwanted puppies and sending them to other rescues that can place them into appropriate homes and, sometimes, placing them directly into homes. We work with the owners of the moms (if we know who they are) to get their dog altered so they won't have any more puppies. We take injured dogs from the shelter that would otherwise be euthanized, and rehabilitate them before finding an appropriate home. We are completely foster based - we are always in need of foster homes in our area to take care of these babies. If you are interested in doing this, please contact us!

Come Meet HARTT - Hardin Animal Relocation and Transition Team's Pets

We hold adoption events at our local Tractor Supply Company once a month in the spring and fall of the year. We are committed to finding the right home for the right animal and the right animal for the right home.

We advertise on the local radio station and on flyers to advertise our events. If you want to know when the next event is being held, just email us or check our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/HARTTRescues

HARTT - Hardin Animal Relocation and Transition Team's Adopted Pets

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On Paypal.com, you can donate to our rescue using our email address: HardinARTT@gmail.com