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A PO BOX 883 S Market St, benson, NC 27504 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs.

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Areas Furbaby Rescue of NC Serves

Welcome to Furbaby Rescue of North Carolina! Furbaby is a small family owned, non-profit, volunteer and foster home based animal rescue that works to rescue, rehabilitate and find loving families for homeless animals. Operating out of Johnston county we help several counties across North Carolina, saving the neglected, abused and abandoned animals of NC is our passion! We work closely with the rescue community to achieve its common goal of saving the lives of as many animals as possible. We also aim to educate the public on appropriate pet care, locating pet resources and reducing over-population by emphasizing spay/neuter services. Won’t you join us?

Most of the animals we bring into our rescue are special cases – most are heart worm positive, others have suffered abuse or have medical ailments and require extended hospitalization. This causes our veterinarian bills to get very expensive. Being a non-profit, we operate solely on donations and fundraisers. Every little bit helps! Please consider making a $5 monthly donation to help us save more lives!

Furbaby Rescue of NC's Adoption Process

Do you want to adopt a lifelong companion? A dog that will bring happiness into your family? Furbaby Rescue of NC is so excited to have the opportunity to help you to find the dog that will be with you and your family for many years to come! We look forward to making this a wonderful experience for you! Please take a moment to review our ADOPTION GUIDELINES below. These Guidelines are to serve as a tool to assist in the adoption process but we are open to discussing any situation that may not be in compliance. Our goal is to find SAFE, RESPONSIBLE, and LOVING families for our animals.


Be 21 years of age and have a valid ID with a current verifiable address.
Live in stable housing with a verifiable phone number.
Ensure that all adults living in the household have consented to the adoption and are willing to participate in the care of the pet.
Ensure that all children are mature enough to manage their behavior in the home and interact appropriately with the pet.
If a renter, show copy of lease or other proof from landlord that the pet is allowed.
Have the financial ability now, and in the foreseeable future, to properly care for the pet, including but not limited to routine and unexpected emergency veterinary care, quality food, necessary supplies, pet sitters, trainers, and be able to pay pet deposits/pet rent if living in rental housing.
Agree to properly train the dog, and have the financial ability and willingness to engage the services of training professionals and/or behavioral specialists if warranted
Provide proper and consistent veterinary care, food, water, exercise, training and kind treatment.
Provide the pet a safe and pleasant environment with love and attention, and not to leave the pet alone for excessively long hours without another animal or human for companionship.
Adopt the pet as a permanent lifetime family member, and be willing to make concessions in the future to accommodate and keep your pet as your lifestyle may change.
Fill out the Adoption Application and participate in a phone and/or in-person interview
Be willing to provide personal and veterinary references.
Understand that the Adoption Application must be processed and approved (which on average takes 2-3 days – we are 100% volunteers)
Be ready to adopt immediately (we cannot “hold” animals for anyone)
Sign a legally binding Adoption Contract and pay the Adoption Fee
Before You Adopt
Here is a list of a few things you should consider before adopting a new pet:

If you have other pets at home, will they get along with a new pet?
If in an apartment, are you allowed to have a pet in your home? Check the Housing Guide to the right for a complete listing.
Are you aware of your local animal control laws? Some communities have strict leash laws and limit the number of pets you may own. Some communities require licenses for pets. Be informed.
Is anyone in your household allergic to animals? If so, how will you handle this?
Have you thought about how an animal may affect your lifestyle? If your lifestyle changes, what will you do with your pet? Adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment.
Be sure to select an animal that fits your schedule and exercise routine. Be aware of the time needed to care for a pet.
Have you considered adoption of an older pet? Some older pets are more suitable, calmer and may be housebroken.
Do you have supplies for a new pet? Can you make a financial commitment to a new pet for the next 10 to 20 years? Are you willing to make an emotional commitment to a new pet? Will the pet be a member of the family?
Do you have a veterinarian? If not, you will need to choose one to provide future medical care for your new pet.
All of our furbabies are vetted before adoption, meaning they receive a full veterinarian exam, necessary vaccines, are spayed/neutered, and microchipped. Whatever medical conditions they came to the rescue with are also taken care of while in foster care. Puppies under 4 months old are required to be spayed/neutered within 2 months if adopted before age of spay/neuter.

Adoption Fees
Our adoption fees range from $175-300, dependent upon the age of the pet and medical history. Contact us to get exact adoption fee information on the furbaby you are interested in.

About Furbaby Rescue of NC


We are Hope, We are second chances, and we are the voice of thousands that don’t have a voice. We rescue the underdogs that many rescues won’t due to the extensive time they require rehabilitating physically and mentally as well as financial strain their cases bring. We are a small strictly volunteer and foster home based rescue that is based out of Johnston County, but we save underdogs from all over the state.

Furbaby Rescue of NC was created when our founder had her heart set on saving a dog named “Red” back in 2013. Red landed himself in “doggy jail” when his owner fell ill and ended up in a hospice center. Since his owner wasn’t home to supervise him, her children (adults) allowed him run free through the neighborhood. Red is a Staffordshire bull terrier so his appearance can already make some people a little uneasy if they don’t know him, on top of that since he was owned by an elderly lady she wasn’t able to provide him with the training he needed, therefor Red lacked manners and liked to jump on people. His lack of manners as well as boundaries got him in trouble in the neighborhood; and he was picked up by animal control. His owners family members decided not to reclaim Red, so he spent several weeks in the shelter where he began to shut down emotionally as most bullies do in a shelter environment,he was tired of being in a cage 24/7 to the point he expressed his frustrations with an AC officer when he was being returned to his kennel after breaking out by growling with a warning snap which caused the shelter manager to deem him aggressive and a “rescue only” case. Our founder, Krissy visited Red every day the shelter was open and would work with Red as much as the AC officers would let her. She instantly fell in love and knew she had to try everything to save him, he never showed aggression in sessions she had with him but every rescue deemed Red a liability and couldn’t help him. After countless hours of reaching out to other organizations and going through every option possible,at the final minutes before Red was to be euthanized, a miracle happened and she DID save him! Red has since lived happily ever after with our founder and her husband and does great with his furfriends and is now a certified canine good citizen! In return Krissy started Furbaby Rescue of NC to help underdogs like Red, to give them the second chance most won’t, to heal and give them the best lives they deserve!

Our founder spends thousands of dollars out of pocket to do the life saving work we do, so we rely on the generosity of the community of other animal lovers and adoption fees to help offset the costs of the extensive medical care our intakes require. On average each dog costs $500-700 (spay/neuter, rabies, vaccines, Heartworm/4way tests, fecal, dewormings, micro cips,etc. Doesn’t include hospitalization, treatments or surgeries they may need)

We are always in need of sponsors, foster families and volunteers to pull animals from kill shelters, transport dogs to foster homes, vet appointments or events, as well as volunteers to help us at our events and fundraisers . DONATIONS are always in high need in addition to needed monetary donations we are also always in need of donated blankets/towels, dog food, flea/tick/heartworm preventatives, and any other pet supplies.

We often give food and supplies out to families in need. Sometimes people are going through a rough time, but love and want to keep their pets. So to help keep animals in their loving homes we provide food and if they can’t afford to spay/neuter their animals we try to help them get it taken care of. We work hard to keep animals in safe, loving homes and out of risk from being dumped in shelters or abandoned.

Our focus tends to fall on large breeds and bully breeds the most because they are the most misunderstood breeds and have a higher euthanasia rate but we are an ALL BREED rescue. We have a few foster homes that can only foster small dogs so we do tend to have several small breeds in the rescue as well.

JOIN US IN OUR LIFE-SAVING WORK! Please consider joining us, the more people we have on our team the more lives we can save!

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Our dogs are in foster homes, so meets can be set up by appointment and to keep track of adoption events please follow our facebook page: www.facebook.com/furbabyrescuenc

or www.furbabyrescuenc.com/events

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