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A Clarkdale, AZ 86324 shelter helping to find loving homes for dogs, horses, farm-type animals.

Mark Happe

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Photo of Bindi


Female, Puppy
German Shepherd Dog

Photo of Tootsie


Female, Puppy
Labrador Retriever / Pit Bull Terrier

Photo of Jake


Male, Puppy
Australian Cattle Dog

Photo of Baxter


Male, Puppy
German Shepherd Dog

Photo of Barney


Male, Puppy
German Shepherd Dog

Photo of Lucky


Female, Adult
Labrador Retriever / American Staffordshire Terrier

Photo of Jasper


Male, Senior, Special Needs
Cattle Dog / Chow Chow

Photo of Jethro


Male, Puppy
Australian Cattle Dog

Photo of Jackson


Male, Puppy
Australian Cattle Dog

Photo of Jojo


Male, Puppy
Australian Cattle Dog

Photo of Jagger


Male, Puppy
Australian Cattle Dog

Photo of Yogi


Female, Adult
Shepherd (Unknown Type)

Photo of Trevor


Male, Young
Catahoula Leopard Dog / Siberian Husky

Photo of Ivie


Female, Young
German Shepherd Dog

Photo of Benson


Male, Puppy
German Shepherd Dog

Photo of Bucky


Male, Puppy
Great Pyrenees / Chow Chow

Photo of Koko


Female, Puppy
Labrador Retriever / Pit Bull Terrier

Photo of Mollie


Female, Adult, Special Needs
German Shepherd Dog

Photo of Red


Female, Adult
Hound (Unknown Type)

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Areas Pets Return Home Serves

We serve all of Northern Arizona and the Phoenix metro area.

Our primary source of dogs are EListed dogs at shelters and rescues. We rehabilitate these 'no-chance' dogs. The dogs you adopt from Pets Return Home have worked hard to build confidence, learn trust and become an adoptable dog. We provide you with the current history of the dog's behavior and learning as well as what type of neglected, abusive or abandoned situation he/she came from.

Pets Return Home's Adoption Process

1. Visit the Facility and Find a Pet

Visitation is by appointment only. Please complete our volunteer application at

2. Submit Application

Can be found here:

3. Interview

Either over the phone or in person when you come to see the dog.

4. Approve Application

5. Home Check

6. Sign Adoption Contract

Can be found here:

7. Pay Fee

Our Adoption Process
It is our goal to find a family best suited for the dog and vice-versa.
Identify the dog or puppy you are interested in via online, adoption event, or by visiting our facility.
Complete an application for the dog you are interested in taking home.
Once submitted your application will be reviewed, references checked and a home check scheduled.
We will send you a link to our online scheduling portal for you to make an appointment to come see us.
If you have other dogs we may ask you to bring them to the ranch to meet your potential new family member.
Upon an approved home check you will come to the facility, complete an adoption agreement and take your new family companion home.
Submit an Application
Please complete the form in its entirety.
Any missing information will delay the processing of your application.
Applications are processed on a first come basis.
NOTE: Processing normally takes less than a week from the time your application has been received and you have selected an animal, to the point at which you will sign the contract and receive your pup or dog. When submitting your application, please make sure you can be available to sign the adoption agreement and to accept your new pet.
As a first step in processing your application, you will be interviewed by one of our adoption counselors. This is the time for you to ask any questions that you may have about the organization, our processes or our dogs.
The interview will take place at an adoption event, our ranch or over the phone.
All interviewed applicants are then sent to the review committee for approval.
Home-checks are assigned to a volunteer in your area. The volunteer will contact you to arrange for a mutually agreeable time to do your home-check.
The home check may take place before the adoption or post-adoption depending upon the circumstances. Home checks are generally performed by an adoption counselor before the dog is transferred to the new adoptive family.
At adoption events, we may allow a dog to go home with the adoptive family based upon the adoption application, personal interview by an adoption counselor and the agreement to do a home check at a time convenient for all parties. This gives time for the adoptive family to get used to the dog and determine if the fit is a good one.
·We have the right, per the adoption agreement to remove a dog from a home should the home environment be deemed unhealthy for a dog.
Vet Check
If you own or have owned a companion animal we will contact your veterinarian for a reference check. Please make sure to contact your veterinarian to give authorization for us to speak to them.
Adoption Agreement Signing
Once your interview, home-check, and vet check have been completed and the review committee has approved your application, you will be contacted by phone or email to give you final instructions for your agreement signing.
We do not guarantee the health of any of our dogs for adoption. Any time you adopt an animal, you should take him to a licensed veterinarian as soon as possible. Your dog is healthy to the best of our knowledge and experience.

About Pets Return Home

Pets Return Home is a nonprofit organization providing canine behavior modification, training and convalescence support for animal rescues, shelters and the Verde Valley community. Our mission is to prevent the needless “euthanasia” of healthy adoptable dogs. As such, we primarily accept dogs “in danger” of being euthanized by shelters or rescues. We offer sanctuary to select dogs on a case-by-case basis.

Our behavior team, led by Mark Happe has over 30 years of canine behavior & training development. The training team is led by Thom Milburn, a US Marine Corps veteran who started training, handling dogs and saving lives during the Viet Nam war and our medical team is led by Mark Happe, WFR with Kellie Shamrell, DVM as our advising veterinarian.

We have a broad collection of knowledge and hands-on experience working with hundreds of dogs having behavior, training or medical needs.

We are located near Clarkdale, AZ on a four-acre ranch bordering national forest and the Verde River. Many of the dogs in rehabilitation or training play, build confidence, learn trust and evolve into adoptable dogs while running as a large pack on the fenced four-acre parcel. We have a 400 square foot (sq. ft.) medical clinic, six fenced runs totaling over 4000 sq. ft., a 3000 sq. ft. agility/work yard and a 2100 sq. ft. kennel facility with ten 100 sq. ft. luxury kennels.

The location and facility layout enable dogs to socialize, exercise, overcome fears, build confidence & trust and earn adoptable status. Many of the dogs spend months at the facility. When they are ready for adoption, we know these dogs as well as we know our own dogs. We transfer this important knowledge to the adoptive family. We are always available post adoption to help the dog and family maintain a successful integration.

We always need and welcome volunteers everyday by appointment.

We are primarily supported through donations.

Come Meet Pets Return Home's Pets

You can come to our facility and visit with any one or all of the dogs. VISITATION IS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. This allows us to have uninterrupted training and rehabilitation time for the dogs. We encourage people to come out to the facility and walk dogs.

Pets Return Home's Adopted Pets

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