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A Middleton, MA 01949 rescue helping to find loving homes for dogs.

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Saving Grace is the story of two dogs who have inspired us to fulfill our mission of rescuing dogs from kill shelters and finding forever homes or really great foster homes on route to a forever home.. Our first Grace is now happily living with her new loving family after surviving a life of starvation and neglect and arriving at the shelter, emaciated and heartworm positive. She will now live to experience the joy of a family who is nurturing her back to emotional and physical health. Sadly, our second Grace was never given that chance as the shelter who had her euthanized her by mistake, devastating the rescue workers who stood outside the building waiting for her transport who was ten minutes away. These two stories drive us to ensure we rescue as many as we can from this horrific situation.

There are so many ways to help our dogs realize their second chance in life. Whether it is through the noble acts of fostering, adoption, and donation or by helping us to drive dogs to the vet, taking photos and videos or assistance with posting, we are delighted that you are willing to assist! The concept of "it takes a village" is certainly true here where many hands join in to help each dog make their way to their new home and the ripples of their adoption will do good beyond our ability to comprehend.

Andy and all donations go solely to veterinary care, boarding expense and long distance transportation ... nothing else!


` appropriate veterinary care prior to placement including examination, labs, vaccines,, parasite treatment and neutering
- full postings with descriptions of their known history and temperament,
- safe shelter in foster homes or good boarding facilities,
- and ample opportunity to meet families to find that "special one" looking for them.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Woof !

Saving Grace for Dogs's Adoption Process

1. Please do inquire using email or phone and let us know a bit about what you are looking for.
2. We will ask you to complete a simple adopter information form to allow us to get to know a bit more about you, your living situation and your lifestyle. Because we have an idea of the needs of each dog which vary widely, this will allow us to ensure a great partnership.
3. Foster Agreement or Adoption Contract upon confirmation of mutual interest.
4. Adoption fee
5. Continued support and communication post adoption as needed by each family.

About Saving Grace for Dogs

We have told you a bit about why Saving Grace For Dogs started. What you may not know is who you are speaking to when you come to us. We are a small organization today that desires to deliver personalized service to the dogs and families we serve. Tina Walden and I work professionally as health care executives and have very full lives in and outside of work. At the launch of Saving Grace, neither one of us was looking for additional things to do. What we did need was something that fed our soul and made us feel connected to the community beyond the work we did within medicine. Both of us are avid animal lovers and have years of experience with multiple dogs, horses, cats and rabbits.

This mission of rescuing dogs was driven originally by personal experience and now by the joy we see in the faces of both the families and the dogs we connect. It's quite indescribable actually. We are staunch advocates of a no kill shelter society and until we reach the day when dogs (and other animals) may safely make their way through a shelter which lives up to its name and happily transfer to a new family, we will work to rescue the innocent. Perfectly loving and healthy dogs are put to sleep for reasons like lack of space and sheer neglect every day and yet, there are 6 times more families like you looking for the right dog to come into their home than there are dogs in shelters. We see it as our personal mission to facilitate that match instead of letting the status quo prevail while these dogs are left to suffer. They say if you want change, you must become that change. So, here we are!

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We are available in Massachusetts and in Georgia and are happy to talk with you about how to best meet your potential new family member.

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