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A Boise, ID 83705 rescue helping to find loving homes for rabbits.

Debbie Aldrich

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Photo of Green Bean

Green Bean

Male, Young

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Female, Adult
Silver Marten

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Areas Remembering Ruby Rabbit Rescue - Boise Serves

Boise, Meridian, Mountain Home, Nampa, Eagle, and surrounding areas.

Remembering Ruby Rabbit Rescue - Boise's Adoption Process

Potential adopters are required to fill out an application, provide a veterinarian reference, and provide a home check for us to see where and how the rabbit will be housed. We require that all rabbits be housed indoors or in a acceptable building where the rabbit will be safe from predators, the elements, and from any type of intrusion or danger.

Once the application is reviewed and accepted; the veterinarian reference received, and the housing has been approved, the adopter will fill out the contract agreeing to the proper care of the rabbit, and to return the rabbit to us should there be any problems or concerns, and agree to us confiscating the rabbit in the event we feel the rabbit is in immanent danger/not receiving proper care; the adopter pays the fee of $30 for a single rabbit or $45 for a bonded pair to complete the adoption.

We are always looking for people willing to foster. If you would be interested in helping us socialize a rabbit or bonded pair so they are ready for a family, please contact Lyndsey.

About Remembering Ruby Rabbit Rescue - Boise

Once a rabbit bonds with a human, that love is unconditional. Too often their love is taken advantage of, leaving hundreds of rabbits abused, neglected and discarded. Remembering Ruby Rabbit Rescue. is here for those rabbits to rescue, rehabilitate, and renew trust in the rabbit-human bond. We strive to educate and serve the community--to help everyone understand that every animal deserves to be loved and live in a safe, forever home.

The following quote explains why we do what we do:
"I call rabbits the silent screamers. They suffer more than any other domestic animal on the face of the earth, because they don't make a sound, and so people can ignore them, and they live in filthy cages, they live with no social interaction, they live in the cold, in the rain. It's terrible how people treat their rabbits." Carol Haines, SAINTS Rescue

Come Meet Remembering Ruby Rabbit Rescue - Boise's Pets

We currently have several rabbits being fostered in the Boise area. To find out more about the rabbits in your area, please contact our Boise Representative, Debbie.

We are always looking for people willing to foster rabbit(s) to help socialize and prepare them for a permanent home. If you are interest in fostering, please contact Lyndsey.

Remembering Ruby Rabbit Rescue - Boise's Adopted Pets

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