The holiday season brings a lot of festivity and excitement. It makes the winter season even more enjoyable and fun for everyone. Have your pets enjoy the holidays with you and keep them safe at the same time. Here are some tips:

#1 Keep them healthy

It is important to ensure pets are kept inside to stay healthy. Small pets particularly need more attention in this regard. Make sure that their resting places are relaxing and only go outside when necessary.

#2 Make sure they’re warm

You may use towels or warm blankets to keep your pet warm. Also, assess your pet’s health and look for any possible signs of cold that would need immediate action. These include sneezing, wheezing, coughing, becoming overly lazy, refusing to eat, and so forth.

#3 Give them attention over the holiday

You must ensure that with your busy holiday planning, you do not forget to make time for your pets. Even if you cannot spend a lot of time with them, have the family take turns petting and loving on your dog or cat.

#4 Schedule time in the day for play

Dogs love to play. Depending on the weather, plan activities in the house to keep them active and happy. Play fetch at small distances with your dog and let it play with small objects like a ball or a toy.

#5 Give them holiday treats

In addition, it is a good idea to reward your pets with little treats to make them happy. Remember the holidays are a festive occasion for all so you must ensure that your pets join in and are kept happy and active.

#6 Avoid harmful foods

When you’re preparing holiday meals, make sure to keep some of the dangerous foods for pets away from them. Store them in the refrigerator when you’re not using them or in a pantry that’s not easy to open with paws. There are a variety of foods that are bad for pets, including chocolate, chicken bones, grapes, onions and macadamia nuts.

Written contribution by Andrea Davis, Home Advisor.