By now, we’ve all come to know and love Baby Yoda. He’s cute, he’s meme-able, he’s blowing up the internet. Who wouldn’t want to adopt a pet that looks just like him? Check out these 7 super cute, super adoptable pets that look like Baby Yoda. The force is strong with these ones.

1. Baby Yoda’s long lost brother Peanut is.

Peanut’s profile can be viewed. Here, that is.

2. Giving us Baby Yoda vibes Flower and her big eyes are.

Available for adoption here Flower is.

3. Pass as Baby Yoda this Chinchilla could. 

This little furball’s profile here you can view.

4. Brando has it. A wise Yoda-y face, that is.

Adopt him right now you could.

5. So certain, we are, that Sy Snoodles the bun has the look down.

Hippity hop over to her profile you should.

6. Baby Yoda’s face shape Sweet Thing has.

See more about her you must.

7. Think Pumba looks like Baby Yoda, do you? 

Tempting, it is, to adopt Pumba now.


If you want to find your own Baby Yoda lookalike to adopt, get started here.