This post is originally from The Daily Wag at and is written by our own Pia Salk. Like many well meaning people, Camillia once thought the only way to have a certain breed was to buy one. And she was entirely unaware of the abuses occurring in USDA-approved puppy mills. Chardonnay and Sir Lancelot were adopted by Camillia and Don, a couple in Texas. Camillia shared her experience adopting these lovely pups, who each endured years of abuse at the hands of unscrupulous breeders.

It was such a pleasure speaking with Camillia — it is heartening to meet a person who takes their commitment to companion animals so seriously. Camillia not only sought to educate herself on how best to introduce and care for her dogs, but she also allowed her eyes and heart to be opened to the bigger picture.

When I asked her what she’d like others to understand, she told me… read the full post here.