One of the largest problems facing dogs or puppies in shelters is that most people search for a new dog / puppy based on breed. This is completely logical for someone because they will want a dog that will mesh well with their lifestyle, however the reason this is a problem for shelter dogs and puppies is that there is a misconception that most dogs / puppies in shelters are not purebred, or will not resemble a certain breed enough to depict their temperament. Further complicating issues for shelter dogs / puppies is often how people will search for a new dog, by breed. Searching by breed often leads one to find a breeder, and breeders are continually ignoring the the millions of dogs who end up in shelters, and are killed in shelters to support their profits.

Search Shelter Dogs & Puppies by Breed

Choosing to search for a dog or puppy by breed is a sensible way to find the right dog for your lifestyle, however be aware all dogs no matter what the breed are as unique as people and at least 1/4 of all dogs / puppies in shelters are purebred. In an effort to help curb the number of dogs killed in shelters each year has launched over 250 pages profiling dog breeds. Each page contains important FAQ for adoption, in addition to our search saver feature which will notify visitors via e-mail when a dog / puppy of a particular breed becomes available. Here is a list to our dog breed pages and where you can search puppies available in shelters by breed.

Shelter Dogs Usually Require a Fee of About $100 for Adoption