1166476_wanna_playDeciding you want to adopt a new puppy is very exciting! Picking the right type of new dog or puppy for your home is a very personal decision. When you have a dog (or dogs) already, there are even more elements to consider. Many well-meaning people think that bringing in a young dog or puppy will “liven up” their older dog and help them stay young. But often this is not the case – and sadly, more often the reverse is true. When you already have an adult or senior dog, consider these important factors in choosing a new canine companion for your home:

– Most dogs are happiest living with other dogs that are a match in energy level and temperament. Getting a younger dog when you have an older dog can be very hard on your older dog, making them tired & unhappy. Imagine grandpa babysitting a toddler every day!

– How far apart in age are they? Your senior or adult dog might be spry now, but think ahead. In 2 or 3 years, will they still be a good match for an adolescent companion?

– Has your current dog been an only dog most of their life? As much as we encourage multi-dog homes and pet adoption, if your older dog is used to being happy as an only pet, he/she may prefer all your attention right up to the end. If you do bring in a new dog, remember to make sure your older pet receives extra one-on-one time with you, every day.

Before you adopt a puppy, when you have an adult dog…

When you are ready to start your dog or puppy search, use the AdoptaPet.com Dog Search tool at www.adoptapet.com where you can narrow your results by distance from your zip code, breed, age, and sex. With a little research and understanding of what is the best match for your home, you will be on your way to findingĀ  a wonderful new friend for your entire family!

photo credit: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1166476