chips-bag-dangerCould it be true… is a bag of potato chips dangerous for dogs? Yes! Sadly we know this because of a horrible accident with a friend’s dog. He managed to get a bag of potato chips off the counter while his people were sleeping. When they woke up, it was to find their beloved pet suffocated by the bag. So horrible! He put his head in the bag trying to lick all the chips out, and the bag got stuck on his head covering his face, and he couldn’t breathe. Newer chip bags are made from material that is very hard to tear, and though he must have tried to get it off his head, he couldn’t before he passed out, and eventually died from lack of oxygen. We’re sharing this very sad story as a warning to all dog owners: keep potato chip and other snack bags totally out of reach of your dogs. Keep them closed inside top kitchen cabinets, just like you’d keep plastic bags out of reach of small children and babies. We hope this safety tip keeps dogs safe from the dangers of potato chip bags.