Purina-Dog-Content-Brand All dogs with hair shed. It’s a natural process to lose fur as new hair grows in. The question is how the lost hair is dispersed. With normal shedding, hair ends up on furniture, clothes, and dog bedding.

So-called “non-shedding dogs” slough off hair, too, but it goes into their undercoat, not onto your couch. And if these dogs aren’t groomed almost daily, their undercoat gets matted and tangled. They produce less dander and are easier for allergy sufferers to live with, but they’re not trouble free!

Among the light-shedding or hypoallergenic breeds are poodles, terriers, schnauzers, and the one made famous by the presidential spotlight: the portuguese water dog. If you team up with one of these dogs, get yourself a good brush, or a good groomer!