We are avid fans of Adopt-a-Pet.com’s spokesperson Dr. Pia Salk’s blog posts over on the MarthaStewart.com “The Daily Wag” blog, and her last post on her judging the “Go Dog Go’ fundraiser show for HeARTs Speak, an organization that offers a unique and creative way for artists of all ages to help homeless animals, um… forgive the play on words… “illustrates” exactly why! Pia writes: “The first annual “The Go Dog Go Show” was the brainchild of Rhinebeck New York’s Pause Boutique owner, Laura Betti. Laura’s motto for the event that showcased dogs of all ages, breeds, and talents was, “Barking allowed. Big personalities rewarded.” When asked what motivated her to create this annual event, Laura said, ” I place high value on organizing events that bring together families in support of positive animal causes. These types of events serve as a venue for the much needed education of responsible pet ownership, advocacy for animal rescue and awareness overall about the role we play in protecting animals. Collaboration is key.”

You can read the full blog article with all the super fun photos right here.

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