Do you have a red-eared slider or other aquatic turtle, or are you thinking of adopting one? Not sure of how to care for him or her? Katrina Smith from the Mid-Atlantic Turtle & Tortoise Society has put together a comprehensive, easy-to-read and understand care sheet for Slider, Cooter, Redbelly, Painted, Map and Chicken Turtles – and offers it as a free PDF you can download and print for right here: Basic Aquatic Turtle Care Sheet. The care sheet includes details on the basic supplies you’ll need: a large tank or fenced-in pond, basking spot, filter, food ,hiding spots, and if indoors, a basking light (heat light), UVB light and siphon. She explains all about the tank/pond, water depth, filter needs, how to make a perfect basking spot, the importance of hiding spots, a good siphon to change the water, and recommended foods. The care guide also includes lots of turtle facts, like how Sliders and other aquatics can live 20 years or more – some individuals have lived over 60 years! And did you know that turtles don’t always need “a buddy” to be happy – there is no guarantee that two turtles will get along, even if there is enough space, so if you adopt a 2nd turtle, be prepared you may have to have two separate tanks. These are all important items to consider before taking on the responsibility of adopting an aquatic turtle!

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