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Can I Crate My Dog for 8 Hours?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


You can crate your dog for 8 hours per day total, but should be offered a potty break every 4-6 hours. If your dog is older or still a puppy, that time will be shorter as they may not be able to hold it as long between potty breaks.

What Should I Do If I’m Gone Longer Than 8 Hours?  

Many people’s work schedules require that they be away for longer than 8 hours. If you’re away longer than 8 hours, here are some things to consider:

  • Instead of crating, consider letting your house-trained dog be loose during the day or confined to a pet-safe area inside your home, with access to a potty area be that potty pads or outside

  • Enroll your dog in doggy day care.

  • Hire a dog walker to stop by in the middle of the day to let your dog out and to give him a little play time.

  • If you work close to home, use your lunch break to let your dog out.

  • See if a family member who stays home during the day would like some canine company. 

Crating for 8 hours is fine for most dogs, but he must get a potty break every 4-6 hours. If it gets much longer than that, you may have to find an alternative to ensure your pet is happy and healthy. 

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