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Can You Call The Police On A Barking Dog?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024

Can You Call The Police On A Barking Dog?

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You can call the animal control department of your local police on a barking dog, but it should only be used as a last resort for excessive barking. If your neighbor’s dog barks a lot, it can be annoying, but you should address it with a measured response rather than going straight to the law. There should be a few steps between the dog barking and you calling the police.

How to React to a Barking Dog 

When a responsible pet owner’s dog starts barking, they either get the barking to stop or bring the dog inside—but not everyone is a responsible pet owner. Some people have no problem letting their dog bark all night. While that is inconsiderate, you need to ask yourself if it’s worth having an ice-cold relationship with your neighbor. Here are some things to do before calling the cops:

Ask Yourself If The Barking Is Really Excessive

When you live in close proximity to neighbors, you can’t expect total silence. Whether it’s a kid banging on his drums or an especially enthusiastic game of kickball in the street, some noise is part of life in a populated area. With that in mind, consider if the amount of barking is really worth involving the police or animal control. 

Know The Law

Laws regarding dogs barking vary by location, so take the time to learn the law where you live. You could bring a copy of this information along when you talk to your neighbor. Knowing the law can also help you decide if calling the police is really the route you want to take. For example, if you learn the homeowner will get a $500 fine and possibly have the dog removed from her home, would you still want to call? 

Talk To Your Neighbor

Your neighbor might not realize how her dog’s barking is affecting you. Approach her in a polite manner and tell her how it’s affecting you, i.e. you can’t sleep at night, it’s hard to have a conversation on the phone, etc…

If the neighbor seems receptive, offer ideas about how to reduce the barking such as letting the dog spend more time indoors or providing extra walks and lots of playtime. If she’s not receptive, tell her that if things don’t change, you may have no choice but to call animal control.

Police and animal control should not be used as a weapon against your neighbors. Instead, calling them should be reserved for when all else has failed or when the dog appears to be in distress.  

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