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Can You Train An Aggressive Dog?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 11, 2024


It is possible to train an aggressive dog, and some formerly hostile dogs are now much-loved family pets. While many aggressive dogs can be trained, you will likely need to call on the help of a professional in order to get positive, lasting results. It’s also important to keep an aggressive dog away from other pets and people until your dog no longer shows signs of aggression.

How Aggressive Is Too Aggressive To Be Trained? 

There is no easy answer to that question. Many dogs, no matter how terrible their circumstances, are able to be rehabilitated and become calm and loving family dogs.

But why are some dogs good candidates and others are not? Many factors are involved including the reason for the aggression and the temperament of the dog. Like humans, all dogs are different, and each will respond differently to training. 

If you have an aggressive dog in your home, do not ignore the problem. The aggression isn’t going to cure itself. That being said, don’t lose all hope at the first sign of aggression. In many cases, the right training and treatment will get your dog to the place where he can stay in your home.

Sudden Aggression 

If your normally docile pooch is suddenly aggressive, it’s very likely that a medical condition is the cause. Make an appointment with your vet as soon as possible. Once the medical concern has been addressed, it’s likely that the aggression will be eliminated.

Most aggressive dogs can be trained but, again, safety must be your first concern. Until your dog is no longer showing signs of aggression, remove any chance of a tragic situation occurring by not allowing your dog to be around people or other pets.

Also, do your research about the animal trainer you hire. Not all trainers are skilled in working with aggressive pets. Instead, find an animal behaviorist with a proven track record of helping aggressive dogs. Your vet may be able to provide recommendations. 

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