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Does Dog Separation Anxiety Go Away?

by Adopt a Pet, | February 7, 2024


Dog separation anxiety can be treated effectively, but it will not just go away on its own. In fact, if left untreated, the anxiety will become worse over time. Separation anxiety runs the gamut from mild to very severe. If you’re fortunate enough to be dealing with a mild case, talk to a vet or animal behaviorist as soon as possible to stop the anxiety from becoming worse.

How Do I Recognize Separation Anxiety? 

Separation anxiety doesn’t just mean your dog misses you when you’re gone and stays stuck to you like glue when you’re home. In severe forms, dogs will actually injure themselves as they attempt to escape. Some of the signs that point to separation anxiety include:

  • Excessive Barking

  • Going to the bathroom in the house

  • Destructive chewing

  • Pacing

  • Escape attempts 

Note that those behaviors can occur in a dog without separation anxiety. If these issues only occur when you’re gone, then it’s likely a form of separation anxiety.

Since you know that separation anxiety isn’t going to just go away on its own, you need to take action. While you can try DIY remedies like calming collars or playing classical music, such methods should be reserved for mild cases. If you don’t see immediate progress, talk to your vet.

If the anxiety is moderate to severe (i.e. includes destructive behavior and escaping) you should visit your vet or a highly qualified animal behaviorist as soon as possible to prevent your dog from harming himself.

The sooner you start treatment, the sooner you’ll no longer have to worry about the health and safety of your pet while you’re away. 

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