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Does Doggy Day Care Help With Separation Anxiety?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


Doggy day care can help with separation anxiety, but this varies by dog. Whether or not this is an effective way of dealing with your dog’s separation anxiety depends on the severity of the condition and the temperament of the dog. Just like one medication may work for one dog and not another, the same is true with other solutions like doggy day care. If your dog is not aggressive and enjoys spending time with other dogs, this is certainly a solution worth trying. 

How Will Doggy Day Care Help? 

Most pet owners are willing to go to any length to find relief for their dog’s separation anxiety. Can it really be as easy as sending him to doggy day care? Yes, in some cases. There is no one-size-fits-all anxiety solution. Some anxiety stems from boredom. Some anxiety stems from loneliness. Some anxiety is from past trauma and is similar to PTSD in humans.

As long as your dog is socialized enough to interact with other dogs, sending him to doggy day care is absolutely worth trying as it will:

  • Alleviate loneliness 

  • Prevent boredom

  • Provide the opportunity for plenty of exercise

A similar option is to see if a family member or friend who is home during the day would be willing to let your dog spend the days with them. You can also look for someone who does in-home pet sitting, which is often a more affordable option than doggy day care.

As you look for a solution for your dog’s separation anxiety, don’t dismiss something as simple as getting him out of the house while you’re away. Even if this won’t do as a permanent solution, it’s something you can try until you’ve found a way to help your dog deal with being alone. 

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