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How Long do Dog Bites Take to Heal?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024

How Long do Dog Bites Take to Heal?

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A dog bite can take anywhere from several days to several months to fully heal. The length of time depends on the severity and location of the bite. Treatment may include home care as well as treatment by a doctor. The exact treatment will depend on many factors and will be determined after carefully evaluating the patient. Preventing infection is of the utmost importance in order to speed healing and to avoid secondary issues.

Dog Bite Treatment 

For minor dog bites, some prefer home treatment, but it’s always recommended to see a doctor anytime the bite punctured the skin. That’s because the doctor may need to prescribe antibiotics, a tetanus shot and, in cases of a dog with an unknown history, rabies shots.

Keeping the wound clean and dry will help speed healing and prevent infection. For minor wounds, you may be able to do this yourself. For more serious bites, wound care may have to be performed by a professional.

It’s worth repeating that you should visit a medical professional any time a dog bite breaks the skin. If possible, bring the dog’s medical records to show the doctor. This may eliminate the need for rabies shots and can help guide treatment.

Since dog bites range from mild to life threatening, it’s not possible to make a general statement about how long dog bites take to heal. Following all directions from the doctor will help to speed healing and is a must in order to ensure proper healing and minimize the chance for infection. 

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