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How Long Does It Take a Border Collie to Get Used to a New Home?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024


It will often take a border collie between one and three months to get used to a new home. Of course, the amount of time will vary based on many different factors, and you’ll want to do whatever you can to help your new dog get comfortable.

Puppies will often adapt to a new home faster than older dogs who are brought into a new space with a new owner. The dog’s personality can also be a factor. Dogs that tend to be more skittish, for example, may have a harder time adjusting.

Tips for Helping the Border Collie Get Used to Her New Home

Ideally, the former owner will provide some items that the dog knows. This could be a blanket, some of her favorite toys, etc. These can help the dog to feel more at ease when they are in a new environment and with a new family. There will be familiar scents on these objects.

During those first days and weeks, you need to be patient with your new border collie. They have had a very different life up to this point, so it takes time for them to adjust. This means that they might be barking more than they normally would. It could also mean that they have some accidents on the floor. Be patient and take the dog outside regularly for the bathroom.

Give her time to explore the yard but keep her on a leash. If she is not feeling comfortable, there’s a chance that she could take off and run out of the yard where she could be injured or become lost. Don’t underestimate the importance of treats, petting, and talking softly to the dog during this transition phase and beyond.

Also, you want things to be as calm as possible when she arrives. This means you shouldn’t have all of your friends and family come over to see the new dog. Instead, it should be only the people who will regularly be in the home. Introduce other pets slowly and observe your new dog’s behavior.

The most important thing that you have to remember is to be understanding. If you’re lucky, she will become happy and comfortable within a week or two. However, prepare for a couple of months before she’s truly at home with her new family.

Learn About Her Before Adopting

When you adopt the border collie, be sure that you talk with the owner about the dog’s personality. You want to know how friendly and outgoing she is and whether she has any issues that you’ll need to know. Learn as much as possible about the dog beforehand.

Make sure that she is the right dog for you before you bring her home. Many people leap at the chance to adopt a dog before fully thinking it through and realizing that it can take time for the dog to adjust. Don’t get a dog now that you want to give up in a week. Always be sure it is the right choice.

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