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Why is My Cat Suddenly Aggressive Toward Other Cats?

by Adopt a Pet, | January 8, 2024

Why is My Cat Suddenly Aggressive Toward Other Cats?

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If your cat is suddenly agressive towards other cats, it may be due to a medical condition. This is good news and bad news. The bad news is that your pet may be sick. The good news is that when the medical issue is resolved, the aggressive behavior will typically cease. If your cat is suddenly aggressive to other cats, step number one is to make an appointment to see your vet.

The Vet Visit

You many wonder what type of medical condition could trigger sudden aggression, but there is no simple answer other than to say pain may be the cause. If a typically docile, loving cat is in pain, acting out aggressively is a common reaction.

The vet will perform a thorough exam and may order tests to correctly diagnose any issues. Once the problem is discovered, proper treatment can ensue. In most cases, once the cat starts feeling better, they will return to his usual temperament.

If the vet doesn’t find anything wrong medically, she may recommend an animal behaviorist who can help you resolve the issue of aggression between your cats.

A New Feline Friend

Another common reason a cat may suddenly show signs of aggression is that a new cat has been introduced into the household. Even if the now-aggressive cat has always gotten along with your other pets, it’s not uncommon for a new addition to the pack to be the catalyst for aggression. Proper introductions can minimize the chances of such issues, so be sure to ask your vet or read expert advice about how to how to help cats get used to a newcomer.

Whether your cat is suddenly aggressive towards other cats due to a medical condition or for reasons requiring the help of an animal behaviorist, there is good news: In most cases sudden aggression in cats can be remedied to the point that you’ll be able to keep the cats in your home, which is what every pet owner wants.

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