Here is a great idea that an shelter partner shared with us! We liked it so much, we wanted to share it with you too. It’s an activity that can be fun for animal lovers of all ages to participate in making the promotional cards and handing them out in your local shopping centers. If you don’t already volunteer for a shelter or rescue that has black pets that need homes, you can run a search on, and then contact the shelters or rescues that have them listed, offering your free promotional help. We bet they’ll be thrilled! Here’s how Black Friday and a little creativity can help black shelter pets find homes:

“When we had a few black pets that needed a home around Thanksgiving we made up little cards that said ‘Black Friday’ with a really nice picture of the pet and a lot of the pet’s stats on the back like favorite toy, weight, age, breed, known tricks, nicknames, etc anything really that lets the potential adopter know about the animal.

We handed out the cards to shoppers who came out for all the deals for ‘Black Friday’ the day after Thanksgiving. It was a big hit! We had more adoptions that winter than in the 3 previous years!”  – Tracy Lee, Sheyenne Valley Friends of Animals, Lost and Found Coordinator

Thanks Tracy!

To make this super easy, we created a free Word document Black Friday Adopt A Pet flyer template you can download and edit with your shelter’s information:

Download: BLACK FRIDAY adopt a pet flyer (Word document)

Does your local shelter or rescue have a great idea for helping their pets get adopted? Email it to for consideration as a future blog post here!

Note: The beautiful black cat in the photo above is Cleopatra, available for adoption in Southern California. See her video and find all about her on her page here: