Can dogs detect cancer? Yes! Our friends over at Petcentric tell the story of an amazing connection between a woman and her dog — a special bond that helped save one life and help many others. Deborah Greco, DVM, Ph.D, has dedicated her life to wellness. She’s the former Chief of Medicine at The Animal Medical Center in New York City and spent 12 years as a Professor of Medicine at Colorado State University. Today she’s the Senior Research Scientist for Purina. In 2005, Dr. Deb was diagnosed with breast cancer. Almost 12% of women in the U.S. will receive such a diagnosis. But there was something special about Dr. Deb’s case — how her cancer was detected. When Twist — Dr. Deb’s blue standard Poodle — started making moaning sounds each time she snuggled against her human’s chest, the trained veterinarian knew something was wrong. Very wrong. Twist’s strange behavior continued. She began to withdraw from her owner and have accidents in the house. It turned out that Twist wasn’t sick. Dr. Deb was.

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