We’d watched the videos of other cats on YouTube having a blast with the  Friskies® Cat Fishing iPad game, but we were doubtful our super-sedentary senior felines would have any interest in anything that didn’t involve napping or food. Enter the foster kittens! One of our Adopt-a-Pet.com staff is currently fostering three adorable kittens, ages 6 months, 8 months and 9 months. The first to give the wildly popular Friskies® Cat Fishing game a try was the eldest, and she was fascinated! She is also very smart, and kept trying to get under the iPad to where the fish were “hiding” after she batted them down to the depths with her paws… and when they’d all disappeared, what did this kitten do? Lapped at the “water” rippled on the iPad screen!! You can see her doing just that in this little YouTube video we made of her playing the game.  Now when we take the iPad out, all three kittens come running for game time, it’s super cute! We just saw the sneak peak video that Friskies® Cat Fishing 2.0 is coming out in January 2012 and we  can’t wait to try 2.0 with our foster kittens too, if they’re not all adopted by then! You can get the five free games for cats at gamesforcats.com – all the games work on the iPad, four will work on an Android Tablet, and Jitter Bug is also available on the iPhone. —> Do you have a video of your cat playing Friskies® Cat Fishing? Post the link on our Adopt-a-Pet.com Facebook page here!

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