Here are some normal behaviors for each cat life stage:

Birth to 16 weeks

Just learning her way around, your kitten may be playful, but most likely shy. Click here for more information on how to care for your new kitten.

16 weeks to 1 year

Your kitten will likely still be very playful and spunky. At approximately six months old, you should spay or neuter if you are not planning to breed your cat.

1 to 8 years

Your young cat is in her prime. Remember your annual visits to the veterinarian.

8 to 12 years

Your pre-geriatric cat may begin to slow down, but her behavior shouldn’t change much.

12+ years

Your cat is entering old age. You may begin to notice some health problems. Your cat will move slower if her joints begin to stiffen. She may also become easily irritated.

Final Thought

In any health-related issue, whenever you have concerns about your cat, consult your veterinarian. He or she is familiar with your cat and her medical history and has the professional skill and knowledge to identify and treat whatever might be the problem.