There’s no question that cats who live indoors-only live longer, healthier lives.  Since we want them to live long, healthy, HAPPY lives too, it is up to us cat caretakers to add hunting, watching, chasing, pouncing, sniffing, hiding, and listening enrichment to their indoor environment. One way to add a bunch off that checklist is to give them access to a totally screened-in porch or catio — like the cat is enjoying in the photo — or access to windows with interesting views. If you have screened windows, check if you can open them safely by (carefully!) leaning against them, to make sure they are strong enough to withstand a cat’s full weight without tearing or popping out of the window frame. Recheck screen strength regularly as screens often loosen as they age over time, or even quickly as the temperature changes. If you don’t have screens or prefer not to have your windows fully open, you can crack them open a half-inch, secure with locks, and still let the breeze, sounds, and smells easily drift in for your kitty! To increase your cat’s window enrichment, place a view-enhancing resting spot such as a cat tree, table, couch, or bookshelf right in front of the window.  There are even pre-made window perches you can purchase that attach to some types of window sills. Get creative! If you only have one cat window perch and have more than one window with a view, move it around from week to week, to keep the view interesting. Your cat will really appreciate the room with a view, and you’ll have a happier cat – which means a happier you!