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If you follow our blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram then you’ve surely been hearing the great news that the Homes For Dogs Project, a collaboration between Coldwell Banker Real Estate and Adopt-a-Pet.com to find homes for 20,000 shelter dogs in 2015, was a massive success after only 8 months. Thanks to the hard work of animal shelters and rescues and local Coldwell Banker agents, thousands upon thousands of deserving pets found their loving forever homes! We recently caught up with Sean Blankenship, CMO of Coldwell Banker, to get his take on this awesome program.

Adopt-a-Pet.com: What inspired Coldwell Banker’s choice to focus on helping homeless pets get adopted?

Sean Blankenship (SB): We were planning our 2015 ad campaign at the time, which focuses on the joy our dogs bring to the home when we walk through the door. After discovering that half of the dogs in the commercial were adopted, the “Homes for Dogs Project” was born.  We knew we could connect at a local level and make a difference.

Adopt-a-Pet.com: How does it feel to reach your company’s goal of 20,000 adoptions in 2015 after only 8 months?

SB: How amazing is that? To say we were proud would be an understatement. Abbie Moore joined us on stage at our annual conference, the Generation Blue Experience in Chicago, and the crowd went wild! Abbie even brought out an adoptable puppy named Hazel, from the rescue group Found Chicago.  We owe so much thanks to Adopt-a-Pet.com for their collaboration in this campaign – not only for helping us find homes for 20,000 adoptable dogs so quickly, but also for presenting us with the Companion Animal Champion Award in recognition of our commitment to helping homeless pets. So many of our 88,000 sales associates were dedicated to making this happen, so it feels great to recognize them.

Adopt-a-Pet.com: Why do you think every homeowner should have a pet?

SB: Pets bring so much joy to families and homes across the country, and they’ve really become deeply connected to the idea of “home.” There’s nothing quite like coming home after a long day, opening the door and being greeted by your dog – often much of what makes that place a home is our dogs. A pet might not make sense for every single homeowner, but for many, getting one can help you love your home even more than you already do.

Adopt-a-Pet.com: What’s next for Coldwell Banker?

SB: Just because we reached 20,000 adoptions doesn’t mean the “Homes for Dogs Project” is over! Our network is inspired, committed and passionate about finding homes for shelter pets. Hopefully this is just the start of great things to come!

For more info on the Homes For Dogs Project, please visit https://www.coldwellbanker.com/dogs