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    Kseniia / AdobeStock If you’re considering adopting a new dog, energy level is probably one of the biggest factors to think about. Dogs generally have a reputation for being excitable and energetic, but there are plenty who would rather relax and watch TV with you than demand endless hours of catch. Many breeds were bred […]

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    By Alicia Kort Felix Chacon / Stocksy When you hear “Hound Dog,” your first thought may be of Elvis’s famous song. Despite what the King of Rock and Roll claims, Hounds usually don’t cry all the time if they’re getting enough mental stimulation and exercise, but they do often have unique, shrill barks. Of course, […]

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    By Alicia Kort Westend61 GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo There are plenty of pups out there who can handle the cold weather much better than humans can. Many dogs were bred to work jobs in cold climates, including guarding livestock, herding, and pulling sleds across the tundra. Their fluffy, voluminous coats not only inspire most humans […]

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