• 5 Imperative Tips to Ensure a Pet-Safe Holiday

    While you’re busy reveling in the joy of the season and the warm embrace of family and friends, your pets could be getting into trouble. Holiday festivities can inadvertently have a negative impact on your pets and their health. Here are five tips to help you keep your pets safe this holiday season:   Tip […]

  • Preparing Your Home for a Dogsitter

    Inviting a pet sitter into your home while you’re traveling is not only convenient, but it’s also conducive to your pet’s comfort as well. Having a pet sitter means you don’t have to board your dog in an unfamiliar location. Even so, it’s important to prepare your setting for your pet sitter so the individual […]

  • 5 Amazing Renovations for Your Dog

    How much do you love your dog? If you treat your pet like family, you’re probably willing to go the extra mile. This includes adding more toys, dog beds and amenities just for your furry friend. If you really love your dog, you might consider renovating parts of your home to suit the needs of […]

  • 6 Tips for Moving with Pets

    Moving can be a stressful event for the entire family, including your household pets. To reduce the drama and chaos often involved in a move, you can employ the following tips to help minimize your pets’ discomfort. Whether you’re moving to a new town or across the country, the following tips will help you keep […]

  • Prepping Your Home for Your Newly Adopted Cat

    Adopting a shelter cat is a wonderful experience. But, bringing home a new feline friend requires a great deal of preparation. Most shelter cats need to adjust to a new home. The following tips will help your new kitty feel more comfortable as a house cat.   #1 Create a private area. Animal shelters can […]

  • Pros and Cons of Backyard Hardscaping for Pets

    Creating a pet-friendly environment that minimizes wear and tear on your yard can be challenging. If you’re tired of pet-related blemishes ruining your landscaping, consider hardscaping. Here are 3 pros and 3 cons of hardscaping.   Pros:   #1 Less digging Dogs who enjoy digging can cause serious headaches for their owners. Hardscaping is an […]

  • Prepping your home for a new dog

    Pets find their way into their owner’s hearts with companionship and playful antics. But, bringing a new dog into your home calls for some important adjustments to your living space. Here are six tips to ensure that your home is ready for a new pup. #1 Before the Big Day Before your pet arrives, have […]

  • How to Create a Cozy Living Room for Your Pet

    During the next few months of chilly weather, you’ll want to make sure to have a cozy place in your for your pets to rest and relax. Here are eight tips to keep your pets out of the cold (and out of trouble), during the winter season:   #1 Pets don’t care if it’s cute. […]

  • 6 Efficient Backyard Clean Up Tips to Keep it Fido-Friendly

    Our pets enjoy our backyards as much as we do, whether they’re digging, running or laying in the grass on a sunny day. So, here are some quick and easy yard maintenance tips to help you keep your entire family yard-happy — the furry and the non-furry alike!   #1 Manicure it. Give your lawn […]

  • 6 Imperative Pet Safety Tips for Condo and Apartment Living

    Living in an apartment or condo doesn’t mean you have to wait to adopt a pet. Cats, dogs, and other pets can thrive in smaller settings — it just takes some extra preparation and care, especially in the case of dogs. Here are some pet safety tips for small-space dwellers keen on adopting a pet: […]