• How to pick a pet if you have allergies

    What do you do when you know you have allergies to some or most pets, but still want to adopt one? Maybe cats make your eyes itch and nose run, but you’ve lived with a dog before and didn’t have any allergic reaction to that particular pet. There are as many possible scenarios as there are types […]

  • Top 5 Ways to Stop Pet Itching

    When my vet recently told me that the number one reason people bring pets to her veterinary hospital is because of itching and related skin issues, I wasn’t surprised. Here in Southern California especially, the dry desert air combined with watered tropical landscaping and natural flora and fauna are a mecca for allergens and itch-causing […]

  • How Love Helped Me Beat My Cat Allergies.

    I am allergic to cats.  My boyfriend has two of them in a rather small house. The first time I visited him, after 15 minutes my eyes itched, my nose ran, and I could not stop sneezing.  So as my very first romantic gift to him, I gave him a brand-new Hepa vacuum cleaner!  It […]

  • New Study Shows Babies Exposed to Pets at Home are Healthier!

    Another reason to adopt a pet for your family! On top of teaching your kids compassion and providing a home for a deserving friend, we’ve got another pro-pet-adoption point! A recent study from Kuopio University Hospital in Finland shows that babies who live with pets during their first year of life are approximately one-third more likely to […]

  • Hypo-Allergenic Dogs: Whats True, Whats Not

    Can certain breeds of dog really be suitable for people who are allergic to dogs? The answer is yes… and no. To start with, it helps to have a little background on dog allergy. Contrary to popular belief, dogs’ fur is actually not much of an allergen on its own. Rather, the skin cells (called […]

  • Tips to reduce allergies to pets

    You can reduce or even eliminate allergies to your family pets, just by following some very simple steps! Cats and dogs are the most common pets that cause human allergic reactions. While it is rare for a human’s allergies to a pet to be so severe (and unresponsive when all these tips are used) that […]